XX – The Search For The Worst – IHE (AWFUL Horror Movie)

XX – The Search For The Worst – IHE (AWFUL Horror Movie)

IHE reviews one of the worst horror movies he’s ever seen (that he stumbled across on Netflix).

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I Hate Everything says:


Yes I will be covering the Emoji movie. But it's not out in the UK until the 2nd.

Mr. Peanutbutter says:

Just coming back here to see more SJEWS fucking hell Alex just ban all the SJEWS this comment section is for free speech so BAN ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SLIGHTLY TO THE LEFT OF ADOLF FUCKING HITLER

Aiden Mejia says:


Geoffrey Young Haney says:

I haven't seen this film, but if you want to watch an excellent anthology that Roxanne Benjamin was a part of, that wasn't predicated on this gimmicky thing, and didn't have a musician (Annie Clark is better known as St. Vincent, ICYMI) who doesn't like horror movies making her first ever short film, then you MUST check out Southbound. Benjamin's segment is solid, there's an actual throughline that makes the whole thing feel cohesive, and you'll get to watch one of the most intense pieces of work on the planet from a burgeoning talent (David Bruckner's "The Accident" segment is just fucking perfection.) So yea, I think it's on Prime, maybe. Watch it.

Damien D'Leo says:

Maybe women just suck at making movies.

Doug Damron says:

I'm just making stuff up here. I think you have to view these things from a bored housewife and mother's perspective. Nothing would scare my mom more than disappointing her kid on their birthday, or losing her entire family and being helpless about it (regarding films 2 and 1 respectively).

I think the reason these are bad films is because they have to be viewed from that motherly lens to make sense (kind of the opposite of how what makes a good female protagonist is that her gender doesn't necessarily define her). The viewpoint that it would take to enjoy these short films seem to be so necessary that it doesn't make sense any other way. I'm pretty sure that is due to incompetence on the part of the people behind and in front of the camera, because good filmmakers could make me feel like a terrified parent, or at least sympathize with them.

Monster Dobbs says:

How "The Birthday Party" Would Work in Real Life
The woman would find the dead body
The woman would call an ambulance
The woman would say that the person is dead instead of fucking around with the body only for it to be revealed

deep_cover187 says:

This movie is also on Youtube, but the comments have been disabled. I'm going to now blame you for siccing your rabid fan base of haters on the comments section. I'm sure there would have been some gems like "ThIs Is WhY fEmAlEs r EnT aLoUd To DuReCt"

TheMadAfrican1 says:

Still massively confused as to why they'd showcase female directed horror females with a woman who doesn't even like horror. I'm baffled. It's like getting Michael Bay to direct a dramatic short in an anthology of the world's greatest directors.

Scarlet Dawn says:

hey, you should check out carnage park! it's a terrifying psychological indie horror that takes place in the desert

Bmxkid 1319 says:

God damn it will you just eat!???

a nigga on the ground says:

Why women stay in the kitchen.

Carlo Cruz Pascarella says:

It's a dik in the box

Bublegumboy 64 says:

the scariest thing about the box is how weird looking the boy is

Amentallyillfemalegenitaliasadlybornwithout Aspine says:

The 2nd girl could be arrested for tampering with evidence

Charlotte Cundiff says:

the stop-motion introduction of XX is very Coraline-ish. it makes me mad.

Jared Kasten says:

What were you putting gender on this

Samson says:

The fact that you had to spend 5 fucking minutes justifying your opinion and repeatedly hammering in the point that you're not attacking the agenda of the movie is indicative of the sad state of the internet as a whole right now.

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