WOODY WOODPECKER Movie Review (@RebelTaxi) 13th Worst Live Action Cartoon Ever

WOODY WOODPECKER Movie Review (@RebelTaxi) 13th Worst Live Action Cartoon Ever

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Rusticabcd says:

If this movie was made in Brazil, then this gives me a reason for me to hate Brazilians even more.

Foxy The pirate fox says:

I like that movie I'm unsubscribeing

Madelyn Russell says:

This makes me glad that the Hong Kong Phooey movie was canceled

Mr. Allmighty Cornholio says:

This review is better than the NC version

Tiaan Gerber says:

That Karl Marx joke fuckin cracked me up!!! Good writing, love the layers.

Christie Brewster says:

Came here cos of that tweet you posted XD

thatonedrewguy says:

Soooo the drummer gets explosive diarrhea…and SHITS backstage in a trash can?

A Glass of Purified Water Last Name says:

Alex Zamm is back at it again with a shit movie.

Norek Olivas says:

16:43 Chilly Willy, my man

Katy TerBerg says:

Just when I thought Woody Woodpecker couldn't get any more annoying, Universal proves me wrong.

E. J. Brown says:

The dad… I only see Cain from supernatural

Work–Man IceHammer says:

Wait, the Kid in this isn't related to that Kid, Max I think his name was, from Sharkboy & Lavagirl, Right?

Brady Slimepoop says:

12:49 "No, mother, it's just the northern lights!"

BlythePennyBicycle21 says:

Eric Bauza voices Woody here. He's a good voice actor, but the material he's given here is bad.

Cookie Cat says:

Can’t wait when you review Show Dog’s 2018 https://youtu.be/-lQJ39bWTzA the bad cgi and comedy is just frustrating to watch

Cookie Cat says:

10:00 Does he really? 😂

sea anemily says:

My dad and I decided to watch this because it was free, we watch horrible movies, why not?
It wasn't even it's so bad it's good. It was just plain bad.

IdeaBox9000 says:

For all you Brazilians out there, the Nostalgia Critic started his review of this film by describing it as "an hour and a half of the WW reference in Son of the Mask", and started the conclusion by calling it a "Nickelodeon movie of the month that makes you pray for Spongebob to come on". In short, your apology means BIRD SHIT!

William Cool says:

5:26 Kanye Woody

Mario1080p says:

3:34 Both recent Paddington films

MintStarVideo says:

I used to watch the 90's cartoon and I loved it actually
But I better avoid this movie.

Video Game Drummer Productions says:

6:55 Uh, can you elaborate on that please?

Frisby2007 says:

This was one of the most PAINFUL movies i have ever sat through. In a world where we could have gotten a reboot for a show, we got this atrocity of a movie. The bad acting and insulting hand given name thing aside, the movie’s story…just why is it that when rebooting a classic cartoon for modern audiences, they have to use the most generic, cliche, and unoriginal story one can find in the Walmart bargain bin? Do they ever TRY to make it feel different?

W. Bourke Feature Entertainment says:

Walter Lantz rolled in his grave because of this shit movie!

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