Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Movie Review

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Movie Review

A documentary about the show “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and the man Fred Rogers. Here’s my review of WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?



Carlos Magana says:

React the meyerowitz story

Crust says:

It truly was, a won't you be my neighbor

Marv86Marv says:

They should do one for Bob Ross now

Mr. NoName says:

Ahhh, finally a MOVIE about my favorite PEDO!

neil valenzuela says:

i know its out of topic but can you please make a room tour even though you didnt show it except the green screen at your back🙏🙏pls

B3AR says:

Didn’t cry but it made me get halfway to shedding a tear, good movie.

IFM says:

He was the greatest

Hayden Biernat says:

Craigslist Joe was so heartwarming! It gives you confidence that today's humanity is still willing to help each other.

MarloSoBalJr says:

Him and Bob Ross are two home TV legends that we will never have the opportunity to see again. Glad I was born during the tail-end of this experience

PariSitic Pictures says:

American Movie, The King of Kong, No Direction Home, and Man On Wire. Pretty great.

Novapoid says:

I'm sure you're probably aware of it but this might be your best review ever, Jeremy. The movie is about something important and you managed to articulate in a way the subject of the documentary would be happy with. Great job, man.

Kade Smith says:

“keeping your inner-child alive doesn’t make you childish, it makes you youthful.”

Slycan Slayer Of The Great Nergigante says:

God I miss Mr. Rogers so damn much since I was a kid. He was a very awesome and great man that kids of all race and color love so much.

Slade Belmont says:

What do you mean I can't take off my sweater, I'M HOT.

Mike The Gamer says:

He was a staunch defender of PBS.

callaboo 222 says:

By far one of the most heart warming docs I've ever seen is Thomas Balmès babies. I'm excited to see this one though!

Eddie G says:

"Wont you be my neighbor" will be top 5 in his top movies of 2018. I said it first

Robert Patterson says:

What a nice review

Brandon gray says:

This review made me happy for you J, after Star Wars it’s seemed like you have been a little burnt out. Maybe it’s the rage of the Internet and all that. Maybe we’ll all need this movie. Haha just something positive and hopeful. Maybe that’s the reason, of all things, the Christopher Robin trailer made me tear up.

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