WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR MOVIE REVIEW – Best documentary of the year?

WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR MOVIE REVIEW – Best documentary of the year?

WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR MOVIE REVIEW – Best documentary of the year? – The Double Toasted podcast review this film for a 2nd time, showing Korey Coleman’s rating versus Martin Thomas’. In this review we discuss everything from the very catchy theme song, the emotions that this film channels within you, some of favorite moments from some of the episodes, and much, much more about Mr. Fred Rogers. Let us know what you think about this film as well as our review too in the comment section below this funny video!

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Dayzsha Lino says:

I remember seeing Mister Rogers wrap the cheese around the bananna and eating it. I tried it myself afterwards and it actually wasn't that bad.

Raven Stromdans says:

It's nice to see Korey get so worked up about something that isn't a Marvel film.

~laughs maniacally~

Natasha Jones says:

I never got into Mr Rogers as a kid. Still this movie had a huge impact on me and I cried MANY times. The subject matter is relevant to everyone I think.

Zeki Numanoglu says:

I motherfucking love you Corey and Martin. XX

Tariq Burks says:

Oh that shit crazy lol 20:34

ToruKun1 says:

The whole episode of Mr. Rogers visiting the set of the Hulk is on YouTube, actually

0okamino says:

I don't get people being upset at the SCTV skit. It wasn't even really cynical or mean-spirited. It was just absurd and silly.

Christian Schmude says:

So yeah he pretty much was just as great everything you heard is true are all the good stuff is sincere the only thing wrong with the guy was that he wasn't all that into gay rights – at the time. It wasn't something he ever covered on the show but this was something that he admits he should have been more supportive of that much sooner. And remember he was a Presbyterian minister so yeah he was not Prejudice at all and my goodness it makes you feel like what are you doing with your life when this guy could do so much with so little

Akron162 says:

I bet he had a giant stash of child porn somewhere. Is just nobody has found it yet.

Kitty Blue27 says:

I was raised on PBS too. I loved it. Still watch Nova when ever I can.

LeagueOfThieves NYC says:

The Goat. Him and Bob Ross. And the reading rainbow guy.

Urban Anime News says:

Yep I'm 47 and as a kid I thought lady Abilene was hot. Lady Abilene and Maria from Sesame Street kept me watching PBS longer than I should have LOL.

hendrsb33 says:

Acceptance. That's the word I'd sincerely apply to Mister Rogers after just seeing the movie. Acceptance. It seems the world is sorely lacking acceptance at the moment.

Chris Scorpio says:

A true real life bad-ass,.

Gargledmesh says:

Ya'll need to get Korey to try that Cheese Banana live.

standup109 says:

Speaking of documentaries, you should do a review of the netflix show The Toys That Made Us

Athanasius Yevseyev says:

Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers were OGs of peace. Voices like lullabies.

Cristhian Aragon says:

You know it weird that in black and white I saw Mr Roger did middle finger front of the kid when in YouTube about 4 month ago when was watching this

Rae J says:

If Korey gave the movie a ‘Better Then Sex’ I imagine Fred would say “Oh that’s a nice rating thank you Korey.”

Advent3546 says:

3:33 Anybody else remember Mr Rogers guest appearance on Arthur? That shit blew my 5 year old mind.

Advent3546 says:

I dont know if there is a specific moment in this movie that will make everyone cry. It just will happen and when it does, it's okay.

jacksparrowguy says:

Could you also please review the Whitney documentary??

RedEyesRobotics says:

Is it wrong that I'm starting to love the dtmerch.com segments before the videos..? 😏

NeverMindGaming says:

I really wanna see this In theaters

Big Guy617 says:

I did not like this Mr Rogers in the ring part.

Big Guy617 says:

Snopes is not a reliable source. Stop trusting it!!!

ataridc says:

conservatives hate reality so much they actually claim snopes has a liberal agenda now

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