Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Movie Review

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Directed by Morgan Neville.



opensprit says:

Fred Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian Minister not a Catholic Priest.
They don't wear clerical collars.

nps1016 says:

Good review as always Chris. I grew up on Fred Rogers and his show, my Mom planted me in front of he tv to watch the show during the week. He really knew how to talk to kids on their level and made them understand the chaos in the world. I think Fred was a very special person and he saw everything going on and he got into the minds of children so they can understand what he was seeing. We do need another Fred Rogers in the world he is greatly missed.

Drew Miller says:

Can you review evil genius on Netflix? It's awesome especially because it happened in my town!

XRJ92 says:

I'll probably cry watching this. Takes me back.

lindsey smith says:

YES HE DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I grew up in the 70's, before cable, and I watched him almost daily! I was raised Presbyterian & was a teacher's aide in our church's Sunday school. It was common knowledge to us he was Presbyterian & I felt even more connected to him thru that. I babysat many children my entire teen years and loved watching Mr. Rogers with them. As I became a mother, I always had a VHS tape ready to go to tape his show so I may share it with my children. He's missed, he mattered & he made a HUGE difference to MANY children! R.I.P. Mr. Roger's! I'll see you in your neighborhood, someday!!!

Owen McCafferty says:

Does this answer the question was Fred Rodgers was in the Vietnam war and had a lot of arm tattoos and that’s why he wore sweaters??

Color Positive Movies says:

We could really use a show like his now.

teppolundgren says:

These sort of saintly types always send my spider senses tingling.
All right, what did he do? No man on Earth really loves children, and not to this extent. So…did he molest them or just take pictures?
There's no way he'd spend his whole life being around kids unless he had something he felt he had to make up for in his past…

L H says:

I was devastated when Mr. Rogers and Sheri Lewis (lamb chops play along) actually died. I loved the land of make believe. They and PBS (APT Alabama public television) were such a staple in my childhood. I watched it at my grandmother’s house, when she would keep me while my parents had to work, because she didn’t have cable. I will define check this movie out. Aww. Nostalgia!!!!

ora bolas says:

I really want to watch this movie

Patrick felton says:

Freaking love Mr. Rogers.

rogerwhutwhut says:

Chris grew up in Mister Roger's Neighborhood

Evan Acree says:

Fact: If you don’t cry during this movie you have no soul

Seth Woodhouse says:

One of the best movies of the year period.

JustinDL97 says:

I have only the vaguest memories of seeing Mr. Rodgers as a kid, but I definitely want to check this film out.

John Smith says:

When I saw the thumbnail I thought 'Huh, a Dave Franco movie…'

Lesley Harrys says:

Chris, please read “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling.

Youssef Tamer says:

Review I, Tonya

Floyd Palmer says:

Chris DEFINITELY grew up with Mister Rogers.

Mary Lou says:

My 47 yr old daughter adored the show and the man, but my my son (10 yrs younger thought it too "slow").

Fangsabre says:

Mr Rodgers was the nicest man to ever live. Like seriously. If heaven had a VIP section Mr Rodgers would be in it.

Classy Gaming Studios says:

Can you review Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Bradley Dalton says:

At this point any old kids presents like this just seem insanely creepy, after Savile, Cosby and Rolf Harris and probably more its hard not to see him as creepy.

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