Wonder – Movie Review

Wonder – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Wonder, starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Mandy Patinkin, Daveed Diggs. Directed by Stephen Chbosky.



Lucija Krašić says:

Great t-shirt! 😀

Thanatos says:

'Wondering'…when you're going to do a Punisher review 0_o

Tech10K says:

Jesus! Has someone done the Shang Tsung 'Soul Drain' finishing move on Julia Roberts??

Nat J says:

having kids of my own. my wife and i had the chance to go see this movie, on one of child free days (freedom!!) but we couldnt see it. We knew it would be a huge heart puller. will wait for the dvd version and we can ball our eyes out one night in bed. I took from the trailers it was going to be a heart puller but thanks to your review at least i know it will still be worth the watch when i see it.

Aikaterine Illt says:

Hey Chris, could you review The Polar Express, i always casually enjoyed it and watch it every time it's on in December but it was only recently that I found out how many critics really detested it and audiences felt similarly…perhaps for different reasons.
Would love to hear your thoughts on it, esp since it's Christmas time.

DJoctor q says:

can you review call me by your name

Mangled Fx says:

they must have deleted the school shooting scene

Andrew Fisher says:

PUNISHER!!!!!!!!! please 🙂

Austin Dockus says:

Was anyone else completely freaking out once they saw Chris’s shirt? I was

Nick Gibson says:

Hey Chris, make a LIVE reactions video to this year's Oscar nominations!

CrimsonWebGaming says:

Review goodfellas!

YakAttack says:

I will ask you to review "Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed" every video until you do— #4

Wandering Oryx says:


JC Inc. says:

one of the only reviewers I trust

MM Animations says:

As someone with health and medical disorders. Just like the character in the film. I’ve got to say this movie was amazing. I hope to see this film helping others with disorders to be themselves. This film is Beautiful in my option A+.

Bowls Götzke says:

The mental deficiency is behind a NASA-helmet. True that.

Luci3nTv says:

I was surprised that most of the characters had their own story arc. It was well done.

Jonathan Arredondo says:

Do a review on twister plz

Grumpy Monk says:

Bro can you review the Hannibal lecter series (manhunter, the silence of the lambs, Hannibal, red dragon, hannibal rising and if you want to, the Hannibal tv series)

Rooveiry Mercedes says:

PLEEEEASE CHRIIIIISS… tell me you will review Dark the Netflix Original. Or even better do an Analized Review. it needs it

Wawagirl17 says:

The trailers made this look cheesy as hell, and I was going to give it a skip, but damn, your review makes me think I was wrong. I might just see it.

Barth vader says:

Could you review blues brothers?

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