Wizards of the Lost Kingdom Review

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom Review

I love me some swords and sorcery and today’s film falls into that category perfectly. So join him as he reviews Wizards of the Lost Kingdom!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen the film and feel free to recommend any swords and sorcery films you think I need to see.

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Isar Soussa says:

why did it take 4 minutes just to get to the point? stop trying to be like nostalgia critic, you're not funny

Jacob Luna says:

This review was terrible, it started after four minutes of pointless ramblings…

Curtis Brodland says:

Any plans to review the sequel and the movies that lead up to it?

jonn2242 says:

holy ballz.. I have been looking for this movie for 29years… YES

SamuelEly Productions says:

I really liked Kor, he tied the movie together.

Kim Huett says:

As well as the links to the Deathstalker series you mention Warriors of the Lost Kingdom also uses some footage from another swords and sorcery movie, Sorceress. You'll see what I mean if you watch the trailer for it:

Actually if you haven't watched Sorceress you really should at it has a very similar vibe to the Deathstalker movies.

its fonz time says:

I enjoyed the video the guest reviewers helped to make it interesting but as usual the editing was spot on. .your wasted

Jiraiya Plays - Great British Game Plays says:

Review Star Force/ Star Wolf, it's an oddity in the live action Toku style shows.

Odd Pod says:

Great review and really well put together, looking forward to the next one 🙂

PocketRocket Radio says:

The editing for this was really impressive man. Terrific work!

Retro Game Players says:

This was so awesome! I always loved movies like this but never heard of this one before! ! Great job guys and what the hell was the thing at 9:40!!??

Retro Cynical says:

"Simon's Quest" "Wizards and Warriors" by god this movie is a Nintendo.

Potato Power says:

2:07 LOL I didn't get a phone call but I'm not into obscure C-movies so I guess it was for the better ;D That Golfax explanation was priceless, btw! Very well put together, awesome video Dan! 🙂

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