Wind River (2017) A Murder Mystery – Movie Review

Wind River (2017) A Murder Mystery – Movie Review

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CreepyNews says:

A Murder Case Set In A Chilling Environment, Yikes…

Diana Szydel says:

I use to live in that area. It was awesome! I love Wyoming! Still miss it.

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

(Vanishing likes mysteriously again?)

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

Yes there're lots of native American victims we barely hear about. Would be great to cover these cases on your channel!

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

Trust me, snow is only amazing if you don't have too much of it. And you'll only enjoy it, as long as it isn't by far too cold in the region where you live in…

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

Sounds a bit like "Fargo"… – Oh I write it and you say it, lol!

irene gronewald says:

will check it out…..thanks ranil

James Tatum says:

What channel?

Diane Hummel says:

Not from a mountainous area but in Chicago I know a lot about snow .Jeremy Renner is a well known American actor ,whom I've seen in at least 20 movies some of which he is a headliner the girl looks like Elizabeth Olsen sister to famous twins Kate and Ashley Olsen .The movie does sound interesting though I have not heard of it .If you get to see ,Fargo do see it , it's a trip .Loved it .and it's all snow .Lots and lots of snow .
And a lot of stars .
Chicago NaNa ?? Smile

Kim Puffer-Crossley says:

i live inn vancouver and last years it was so cold and icey for way too long , it snowed so much, i hates it. buses get stuck, its freezing, slippery, cold, wet and hard to go out in if you drive and walk. i live in beautiful british columbia, mountains, trees and lakes that are beautiful for sure, but i don't care for the snow at all! the ski resort whistler is pretty awesome though.

Kim Puffer-Crossley says:

the girl is one of the twins from full house, mary kate and ashley olsen, remember them?

Mojo The Little Yorkie Ripper says:

I want to see this movie. I love snow and playing with my pure white German Spitz dog and she blends in with the snow. All you can see are her eyes, nose, and mouth. Very funny. Ranil you have to see Fargo. I love that movie. People give me a hard time when I tell them I love Fargo. I get teased. It's such a stupid movie that it is funny. I used to live near Fargo, North Dakota. So everything you see in the movie is actually there in Fargo where it was filmed. You can see Paul Bunyan statue, etc. I am originally from Minnesota where that mother was that killed her son and she hanged herself. It's a dark comedy. Damn funny. See it if you can. You can come visit me Ranil. I can take you around the mountains. Best to go during the months of January, February, or March. March is when we get the big storms and a lot of snow.

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