Winchester – Movie Review

Winchester – Movie Review

A haunted house movie based in a real location, so it can now boast that it’s “inspired by actual events”. Here’s my review of WINCHESTER!

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CupcakeKingdom says:

With Helen Mirren it probably was different. She probably picked it because "oh a Horror movie, never done that before" xD If you consider one of her "dreams" is to drive a stuntcar alá Fast and the Furious. xD

DrakeBarrow says:

Jeremy Jahns Jumpscare Spectacular. Make it happen.

Joža 7 says:

Messi or Ronaldo?

Butch Long says:

please review Louis cyr movie.

Gg Op says:

Why don't you review Call me by your name? Homophobic much??? ?

Anish rokport says:

Dude if Saul Goodman was a YouTuber, he would be Jeremy Jahns. You are the Saul Goodman of Youtube

Kura02 says:

Jeremy you are too cute

Brandon Condron says:

I love Jeremy Jahns, you are my HERO!

lords of entertainment says:

I won't see pg=13 horror movies anymore there so fucking bad how hard is it too make horror movie A R RATING I don't believe anyone has ever walked out of a PG-13 horror movie and went wow that really scared me they need to make more of those for the teens no that has never worked ever if its horror and pg=13 don't see it its just shity pathetic boring jump scares

Brandy Bay says:

I totally disagree.
I loved it.
I did not think that it was boring at all.

Ben Holme says:

Why don't they just make a horror movie and Call it "Jump Scare" ?

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