WINCHESTER (2018) HORROR MOVIE REVIEW – The Double Toasted podcast reviews the film about the Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built. Don’t get too excited though because the story you’ve once heard about the Winchester will not be explored in this non-biographical horror flick, as we show clips from the movie as well as clips from the trailer, as we attempt to find out if this movie is as good as The Conjuring, or the Insidious franchise! However, we want to know what YOU guys feel about this movie, so getaway from those Big Game Superbowl teaser trailers, and let us know what you felt about the trailer and our review of Winchester in this funny video!

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The Sunday Service – 2-4-18

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kaseam joseph says:

Stephen King's Rose Red did it better

Alain Brice says:

?????what b….ch?????????

M0VIE JARG0N says:

? Already watched this movie here [ ]

reppinGAalways says:

it sounds like they're taking the story-line from Rose Red but you won't care about the ghosts, the house or even like the characters enough where you care if they live or die.

Zarif Hasan says:

This is what happens when you have too much money

Jack Pelleteri says:

Double Toasted horror reviews are the funniest ones

Sinister Sweet says:

Ugh. Wasted opportunity. Here's a couple details on what they changed from history:

Sarah Winchester DID build the house to appease the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles, but most of the victims she believed she had to appease were Native Americans because Winchester rifles were used to effectively eradicate them and a psychic told her she was cursed by the native spirits after her husband and daughter died. It was "the gun that won the west." If you ever go to the house you'll find a statue of an Indian brave in the front yard that she had made as a tribute.

The randomness of the house and strange rooms were not made as ghost "suites." They were made to confuse the spirits once they arrived, as she believed that the ghosts would try to harm her. Sarah essentially created a maze to "confuse" the spirits. She even had three different bedrooms built that she would randomly sleep in, so the spirits couldn't find her even in her sleep.

Isn't that WAY more creepy?

Also this movie was shot partially on location. I was going to school in San Jose and popped in for a tour of the mansion at the time. There were sections of the house we were not allowed to go in because they were filming the movie over several weeks.

Clint Jonathan says:

Hans Solo trailer review please?


You guys should review the trailor for A Quiet Place.

Danielle Costa says:

Hey guys love the podcast I’m a big fan! ?
Makes my morning. Recommendation too.. Westworld is coming out with their season 2 soon. Might be worthwhile to check it out for a review.
Peace ✌️

Eddie Sto says:

That durex commercial was pretty fucking scary!

omooshun94602 says:

The house is not creepy anymore. Just took a tour last week. It was actually boring. Which is sad. I think all the ghosts have moved on lol!! I was hoping the movie would be good.

thething75191 says:

great review Korey, really funny!

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