Why Return of the King Remains the Most Epic Fantasy Movie Ever

Why Return of the King Remains the Most Epic Fantasy Movie Ever

The final installment to the epic trilogy, Return of the King did not disappoint with its immense battles and beautiful cinematography.

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Rajz Dotnl says:

LOTR is an abomination. Ask Tolkien's son, Christopher. The movies never capture the integrity, beauty and spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien's books. In this movie, the main things that stand out are the overly long and gooey bed scene at the end. The way our poorly cast Aragon (with his nasally voice) jumps out of the boat look likes it's straight out of an 80's rock music video. If you love these films you have no appreciation for the work Tolkien put into his books

Luke Ernst says:

im supposed to do an english project on what makes good movies good but i think ill just watch LOTR again

Sky Fly says:

i don't know why i'm here. full of garbage

James Drew says:

The `Like` squad.

Kay Owe says:

These guys are very feminine. And I'm not agreeing with their gushing appreciation for so-called EPIC
It's just so obvious, and childish for the viewer.

Martin Nguyen says:

My favorite movie of all time.

Twinbee says:

I just watch it and my eyes still in tears LOL

The Lemming says:

I just finished rewatching the trilogy five minutes ago. Nothing will ever even come close. The emotion is pure.

"For Frodo."

kickbuttme says:

it just always will. best ever.

Sukka says:

LOTR is the best trilogy of all time. All 3 movies are masterpieces, especially the third one. I'd put The Godfather and The Dark Knight trilogy over them but both of them made a weak ending movie.

Twinbee says:

I just watched the first movie of the Trilogy again after all this years, and I cried at that Frodo and Sam river scene… My Goddd this movie is outstandlingly good

young roller says:

To all Lord of the Rings fans!!!
Do we want this movie back in the theaters again? Do we want to feel they joy that we had back then? Do we want the nostalgia back in our souls? Do we want to make more people happy for what we have had back then? If The Titanic will reappear in 3D why not as well The Lord of the Rings? If you love this amazing movie, post it on every LOTR video to announce that this saga is NOT DEAD. IT SHALL NOT KNOW THIS TERM! Who is with me? COME, ON! LETS GET THIS THING ROLLING RIGHT NOW! SPREAD THE WORD! POST THIS EVERYWHERE SO EVERY TOLKIENITE MAY SEE IT! MIDDLE EARTH WILL SEE THEATERS AGAIN, ONE LAST TIME!!!

P.S: This is not a comentary by me.

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