Why Confused Matthew is Wrong about Cloud Atlas

Why Confused Matthew is Wrong about Cloud Atlas

As the title suggests, this is a brief rebuttal of Confused Matthew’s video on Cloud Atlas, which was a very shallow, knee-jerk dismissal of a film that he didn’t even watch past the first hour. I still like Confused Matthew, as his reviews are still quite entertaining and can provide strong analysis, but this video tackles certain persistent flaws in his reviews in the context of Cloud Atlas.

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Harry Pothead says:

Mulholland drive is utterly soul crushing, cloud atlas might be perfect

bat fan says:

people will say you cant judge a film if you havnt seen it all the way.to that i say this.next time you eat some really awful nasty food.you better eat every last bite before you judge if its good or not.

Neil Burton says:

In tackling this confused matthew guy you are coming across as a bit of pedant .. Cloud Atlas was a pretty dull movie with a narrative structure that obviously appeals to certain people and repels others. The stories don't really interlink .. except in a contrived way .. and the characters are mostly stereotypes. The message, such as it was is summed up by Chase Does Gaming .. and yes, they are heavy handed in slamming it in our faces. I thought it was poorly done, unoriginal and 3 hours of beautiful visuals don't replace good story and compelling characters (which I felt they lacked.) …

Chase Does Gaming says:

The movie was a series of six 30 minute short films, with interesting ideas of which few were explored. The overall message of this film was simple. FREEDOM IS GOOD, SLAVERY IS BAD! and it constantly tries to hit you over the head with this message. The earliest timeline takes place on the ship ride where a self freed black slave saves a white guy who is being poisoned. So he goes and joins the abolitionist movement with his wife. The next narrative is the pianist, who becomes the old guys slave because he alone does not have the reputation to get his own music out, so he shoots him, gaining his freedom, and in a last act, to show he is in control of his fate, he kills himself. The only connection was that he read the first half of the white ship guy's book. Then, we get a half assed conspiracy about neuclear plants being destroyed to help oil companies, which is revealed to a reporter by the pianists lover who is still alive. The reporter and the guy from The Cape run around like its GTA 5, and finally kill an assassin. Thats it. It ends there. The last thing we see is the reporter reading the paper and her kid freind says there should be a book about it. Then we get to see a badass cyberpunk korea, where society is kept working by slaves. Cloned slaves. A rebel force called the Union (REAL FUCKING SUBTLE GUYS) tries to free the enslaved clones (who dont think they are slaves, dont really mind it at all, and have there memories wiped every three days) but fail. THey free one clone who the hero guy in this story hooks up with. She says some stuff to a camera, gets interrogated, and then is killed. Then we see what happens when the clones are free. EARTH GETS FUCKED UP, HARD!!! Cave man Tom Hanks lives in a medieval land known as Hawaii where a guy trying to cosplay as Totalbiscuit talks to him in his head, and the aztecs from Apocalypto go around raping and pillaging, yet dont seem to know where the nice people village is. A sci fi lade comes from across the sea to help and we learn the world is irradiated from nukes. and they need to get off it. So they go up to a satelite on a mountain, and call Onstar to pick them up. Tom hanks comes back to see that the badguys finally installed mapquest on their horses and found the good guy village, and killed/raped everybody except the little girl who hid in a rather obvious spot. Then Tom Hanks fights them, the sci fi lady shoots them, and they all go back across the sea. It ends with Cave Man Hanks telling a ton of little kids the story, and you then learn he and sci fi lady got married and are no longer on earth (although the only thing that made them have a relationship was the fact that Tom Hanks stopped her from falling off a cliff) Oh yeah, you learn that the medieval people worship the clone girl as a god now, and believe in the idea that The Weak Are Meat, The Strong Will Eat. None of these last two worlds are very much explored or actually make sense when you start to think about them. The cool ideas they bring forth, such as the old korea being now underwater due to the ice caps melting was a great idea that nobody cared about or seemed to acknowledge. The irradiated world was a decent idea, but if its so irradiated, how have they lived on it for the last 106 years? In addition, Hawaii is pretty big, so how many other villages live there? Is it only 1? Cave man Hanks mentions 12 cities, and clone girl mentions 12 countries. Are they the same thing? Are the 12 cities not real, and a religious thing based on her words? All of the interesting things make you think not because they are such important philisophical ideas, but because they are more interesting that what the movie is actually showing. In addition, you never have a feeling of danger for any character because everyone who dies had no development, and everyone who lives hasnt had enough development to care about. Its a ton of cool ideas, lightly touched upon, and poorly thrown together (it doesnt help that any part meant to be connected has the audio from one time line over scenes from another. 

Lion Dano says:

Cloud Atlas was great.

Bioshokz27 says:

I don't think you're arrogant. I found the plot to be lucid once I adapted to the timeline shifts. I disagree with people who say that the movie is confusing. It just takes a little more time and effort to understand the film which I guess is too much for some.

ShellofaMan12 says:

I love Confused Matt but I have issues with his ideas on movies. He wants a movie to spell it's themes out to him without really allowing himself to think, with the exception of Blade Runner. And he also has no care for film directors. He's very superficial about directing and thinks it isn't as important as something be written down. Directing is just as important because the director is putting his vision on screen. And also, he needs to understand that not all movies are structured the same.

MrHootiedean says:

I just finished the movie maybe an hour ago and found it to be incredible. I had avoided the movie like the plague but after liking The Great Gatsby (after such polarizing reviews) that I decided to watch other movies I assumed I wouldn't like. Couldn't have been more wrong about Cloud Atlas. Just superb!

James Clark says:

Who puts any stock in what confused matthew says? He's clearly a moron with emotional issues and no taste. Moulin Rouge is his favorite movie for chrips sake that should say it all right there.

tenacious645 says:

Cloud Atlas was about everything and about nothing all at the same time.

Buc Reviewer says:

It is confusing the way he will make idiotic video like this when we know he's capable of much better.
I don't really understand why he thinks it's ok to make sweeping and dismissive statements about films like "it's about nothing" but then rant about the Wachowskis claiming "you just don't get it".

I'm guessing he thought the fact it had multiple plots that were shown in a seemingly random order with no clear connection was what he thought was obscure. However I've not seen it, just guessing.

Exverlobter says:

To matthew defense i must say that he actually did not review the film. By leaving early he actually cannot review it.
It was more like an unstructured,noncohesive rant, A video that was recorded a few minutes after he has seen the first hour of the film, and when he had not cleared his mind.
It seemed more like a statement against pseudo-art-films, that think that their artsy status can compensate for developing a plot. After seeing Sleeping Beauty i can to some degree understand his argument.

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