Whitney: A Must Watch | (MOVIE REVIEW)

Whitney: A Must Watch | (MOVIE REVIEW)

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Takelia Willams says:

One last things…girl you a TRUE DEFINITION of a real friend for helping Rox!!! Girl Power ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Takelia Willams says:

I 1000% agreed with you on bio documentaries on celebrities. There needs to be approval from the family and friends on sharing personal stories. There was a lot of things I did not know about Whitney and her family background.

Jocalyne Green says:

Did you see superfly

Tracy Ellis says:

When her mom was on Oprah and she asked if she would rather her daughter be gay or on drugs and she said drugs I knew it was fucked up in that house, as long as people sleep with other consenting adults idgaf

Latoya Griffin says:

I wonder how Janet and Paula feel about that shady footage…lol

Jasmine C. says:

Gary was talking about himself. My family (grandma, Mom & aunts) grew up around Whitney, her brothers & her family. Everyone knows how Gary gets down. Also, Robyn is good people (Trust me, I know). They didn’t like Robyn b/c she saw through all of their BS. Keep an eye out for Robyn book, that’s where the TRUTH is. Pat will never “tell all” b/c then she will have to expose all that she and Gary has done. I could go on but I won’t…

Bondy Blue says:

Girl I felt the same way about Robin she was Whitney's support system.

Quashan Rivers says:

Omg…..I need to watch this this weekend.

Nini Robinson says:

New subbie been binge watching u🤗

James Bishop says:

Garry and Pat are evil

New Dawn says:

Thank you for helping auntie Rox 😙😍❤. As for this documentary I cannot support the motive behind it sorry. Whitney should be thee ONLY person to tell her truth.

Chevey Chevelle says:


chris banks says:

Why is they keep making flims about whitney life making money off that shit did she leave her family with millions of dollars ?????

meambee says:

I’m kind of Whitney out because of the unauthorized biopics . I am a movie person, I just was at the movies today. I just can’t seem to go to see it because of that. I don’t like Pat Houston is apart of it because she rubbed me wrong on the show w/ Bobbi K. I think I’ll wait until I can see it on a streaming site or DVD.


Great Review

Pretty Dark Skin Girl TV says:

I went to the show to see it too! This documentary was SO good!!! 1. Gary should've stayed with his first wife!!! 2. Aunt Bae talking about Bobbi had me in full blown tears!!! 3. Bobby is a real stand up guy!!! "I'm not talking about that." BRAVO! 4. I know Cissy wanted to bring ole girl back from the dead after seeing this!!!

Keisha Jay says:

I swear you the real MVP! Your reviews are always 100!!

Andre V says:

gon ash!!$$$!!!

Elle Baybe says:

Good looking for hooking up Rox! That's what's up!

Rainey J says:

In an interview Pat said she made Gary apologize about the comments regarding Robin. I don't believe her.

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