White Boy Rick – Movie Review

White Boy Rick – Movie Review

The true story of a teenager in 1980’s Detroit who became a hustler, dealer, kingpin, and informant. Here’s my review of WHITE BOY RICK!

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Zack Montesdeoca says:

Back to back weeks of getting drunk! Woohoo!

Fluoride Jones says:

"Donnie Brasco."

Scowlie Meerkat says:

Play dom jot, huuuman?

Justice Seymour says:

Wow Jackie Brown quote with Matthew Mcconaughey. We need him in a Tarantino

Chris B says:

Trek reference 🙂 alright alright alright!

cory l says:

Does this guy even still enjoy movies? I can’t remember the last time he even gave out a “good time no alcohol required”. Maybe it’s time to take a break from the reviews and get a vacation?

ZeVio74 says:

favorite crime biopic? has to be goodfellas, I think that counts as a biopic since it's told from one person's pov

Dismas says:

Poster looks like a walking dead movie xD


I have no interest in seeing a movie about a White Boy named Rick.

Tadicuslegion78 says:

I would pay to see matthew mcconaughey do a gun commercial like his Lincoln commercial

Lauren Coates says:

The impression lmaoo

ruben e delgado says:

What MM impression

Daniel Ainger says:

That MM impression is scary

Bryce Murphy says:

Bring back tails from the comments section already!

Shotime SP says:

Paid in Full

Jake Gonzalez says:

Movie was fine and entertaining, his expression was cool and awesome, amazing film if you guess

TheShop with Marcus says:

Damn I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be great 😔

Super AJS says:

Rick should have been a pickle in this movie.

Tick Tac Boom says:

You’re comment section has gone to shit Jeremy, fix it

Dashing David says:

Snitches get stitches

Devan Smith says:

Favorite crime biopic. Catch me if you can

IrishCat04 says:

first Statham now MM….you are one heck of an impersonator Jeremy!

Justin Sane says:

Detroit History 💯

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