What Happened To Monday Movie Review – (2017) Action Movie

What Happened To Monday Movie Review – (2017) Action Movie

Hey, whats going on movie watchers. Today were are taking a look at What Happened To Monday a movie that has an interesting storyline that is about seven sisters and providing you with an entertaining movie review…an action movie.

What Happened To Monday Movie (2017) Here – https://www.netflix.com/title/80146805

What Happened To Monday Movie Review Summary:

This movie begins far in the future where the earth faces a problem with overpopulation. When the problem gets out of hand the government starts a one-child policy act, that forces the families of the earth to only have one child per family, but when seven sisters are born a grandfather must figure out a way to hide the seven sisters from the government. The problem begins when one of the seven sisters goes missing and is now is missing. That’s when they start wondering What Happened To Monday and where she might be. I fairly enjoyed this movie, it was funny and entertaining as well…an action movie.

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