Warm Bodies movie review

Warm Bodies movie review

A zombie and a hot human chick get their shot at romance in “Warm Bodies”….relax, it’s directed by the guy who directed “50/50″…so this shouldn’t be as bad as it sounds. Jeremy gives you his review.

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CyberVirtual says:

Funny as fuck. It makes fun of Twilight and that's good enough for me.

Helena says:

I gotta admit, this movie was pretty cute. So after watching it I read the book and IT WAS SO GOOD. It goes more into depth about how the entire thing is a metaphor comparing zombies and people who are smallminded, going around their daily routines without reason or true desire to do anything substantial. Just sayin'. I'm that annoying person who tells you to read the book.

Kevin Kocher says:

watch this movie you will laugh, laugh harder then cry, then go aww then cry again.

Critical Movie Fan says:

This movie was WAY better than it had every right to be

Wade Wilson says:

Just finally got around to this one, and I definitely enjoyed it.

Jppudly McGowan says:

It is a cute date movie I think.

Trever says:

Resident Evil (series), as hated as they are, are my absolute favorite zombie movies. Alice is an absolute badass and I just love how they used the zombies. Plus the fight scene between her and the pyramid head like zombie in Afterlife was great. Other than that my favorites are Shaun of the Dead (DON'T STOP ME NOW!!!!!!!) and Zombieland.

ImaginaryMdA says:

I loved this movie, as a non zombie lover. Maybe it's exactly the layman's zombie movie?

Lucas Rusin says:

bit l8 to the party but i've watched it and it's awesome

Herohammer Studios says:

I thought it was pretty good. I've seen it two or three times and I still like it just as much as the first time I saw it

MrUseless247 says:

I was surprise I liked it but I couldn't make it to the end, I fell asleep.

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