Wait… The Gintama Live Action Movie Is Actually F#%KING AWESOME??

Wait… The Gintama Live Action Movie Is Actually F#%KING AWESOME??

Did it finally happen? Did we actually find a GOOD live action anime film?
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Gintama Movie (2017), 銀魂(実写)

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Mamal Kent says:

One word. AWESOME.

Karlo Fern Lou Tagle says:

the 2nd anime film is really great

Karlo Fern Lou Tagle says:

your hair is same

LA Victa says:

Gintama whether Manga, Anime and/or Live Action, it gets popular even it ends, it's truly awesome.

Ozarukage says:

I also watched this movie on a plane, and I really liked it. Never seen Gintama before (did try once but wasnt in the mood), and I agree that they got all the characters introduced to a good amount and like one of my first thoughts on the movie was how well they managed to fit so much stuff into a two hour movie, like it really felt like seeing an entire arc.

Johnny Depth says:

Please watch the live action Erased on Netflix!!! Curious as to what you think

Priscilla Kan says:

“THEY DIDN’T CHANGE THE FUCKEN STORY”— totally understand 🙂

megaconure says:


Álvaro Overlay says:

What about the rurouni kenshin live action films? I tought they were pretty good

LastUchiha 1288 says:

I watched the live action at the cinema, and it was full house! Everyone had good laughs throughout the entire 2 hours screening so you know it's good ?

iqbalhakim1990 says:

TheAn1meMan, can you do a review on Samurai X live action movie?
Btw Gintama is freaking AWESOME!!

Shiro Toushin says:

GINTAMA FOREVER!!! My absolute favorite anime / manga! Being funny, epic, sad, interesting, heartwarming and just add romance (OKIKAU FTW) Boom, the perfect anime.

Deepankar Shrestha says:

1:35 Heyyy that's pretty good

Clara Puppet says:

Did anyone else cry of happiness when Yorozuya came back in the new episode of the last arc? I did XD.

CorruptMuppet01 says:

which gintama do i watch first (havent watched the video yet plz dont hurt me)

박채영 - Rosé says:

This video is so 2017.

SuperIvanDS says:

Is Gintama really THAT good ???

DanTE1203 says:

hmm… adapting the red spider arc might be hard since tsukuyo's introduction is within another story arc and was at first set out to kill Gintoki (Yoshiwara in Flames) not to mention that epic fight between gintoki and Housen, Kamui's introduction as well as Kagura's Yato awakening. So I think it would be better to adapt the Yoshiwara in Flames Arc first

kaishally BTS GARBAGE says:

boyyyy ell yeah its was super good

SourceLight says:

I was never going to watch this movie, immediately assumed it was gonna be trash.

This video made me wanna give it a chance

Daddy Doggo says:

Hahahaha I saw gintama on the plane as well!

Alyana Drua says:

Gintama live action was awesome; the only problem I've had is the actress that played Matako Kijima (the blonde who has twin guns), she was an awful actress and the CGI need some upgraded budget but that's all. I was genuinely surprised how good it was; I was really excited for it although I have lower expectations since I saw the trailer but Oguri Shun is one of my fav actors (In Oguri Shun we trust) and all I can say is almost everyone played their character amazingly well.
And props to Masaki Suda (Shinpachi) as I never expected him to play Shinpachi really well since he always play cool and stoic characters and seeing him starring as Shinpachi was a real surprise for me; not only does he look like Shinpachi (although Shinpachi is basically the glasses) but he managed to pull of the goofy faces and screams of Shinpachi really well, my respect for him just went up. I never thought he can play diverse characters as well.

Tat2dread's Video Showroom says:

because of you ive heard of and decided to watch it,,instant Subbd n Liked Fam,,,F#%KING AWESOME BRUH,,,Also what i syour take on "Primus 7"

Lightspeed says:

7 seasons joey. 7.

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