VLOG – 12 Strong

VLOG – 12 Strong

Do you long for the days when the war in Afghanistan was looked upon favorably?

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GabeFromKyushu says:

Love this channel, could use a theme song though…

kevin spacey says:

i enjoyed this film i have alot more free time to watch movies lately

horizon592 says:

I love you and always will. ?

AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler) says:

Best movie of 2018 so far.

Sizable Recon says:

It is the point of the film that they were doing the best they could in a failed war. The same could be said for modern movies depicting the average German soldier in WW2. It isn't about the machine, but the individual cogs.

Abhinav P says:

When is the next episode of Cinematic Excrement?

Torterra says:

Guess what time it is? No, seriously, guess.

That’s right. It’s time for Thor, General Zod, Hispanic Marvel equivalent of Jar Jar Binks, Almost White Shredder and O’Hare to go to Afghanistan.

Thomas Kolter says:

Its a great movie I give it a 9 out of 10, and it took place right after 9/11 so we sent in some Green Berets and kicked ass and unleashed hell with shock and awe.

D. in Dallas says:

Timing? Propaganda & revisionist history.

Daniel Hardiman says:

Been a viewer for years now and just wanted to say how awesome your content is! Also PSA from a man who is currently studying modern terrorism and politics: don't jinx us with that "it can't happen again" stuff. We've just been lucky so far, look at Paris and London. Anyways dark political matters aside your videos are hilarious and keep it up!

A Cort says:

They make war movies all the time. Just because people don't like this war, doesn't mean it's not a good story nor should the things the troops did not worth making a movie of. When people have a pre-existing view on the topic, it's difficult to separate your feelings from it. Just like watching a WWII movie and not rooting for the Allies would be impossible. Movies also help some of the troops themselves cope and help people learn about history in a more digestible way. Should we never have a movie showing brave actions if we don't like the context? Should we never tell a story just because we don't feel favorably about it? And who gets to decide what we can film? If that's the case, then there should be no gangster, serial killer, heist, corruption, terminal illness, team we don't like, and a variety of other issue films. Just because you don't like the war in Afghanistan, doesn't mean nothing that was done is worth exploring on film.

Finn Saxon says:

Speak only for yourself politically, not for everybody else. I'm beginning to think your taste in film is crap on your teeth.

Tommy Deonauth's Archives says:

As okay as you thought 12 Strong was, I'll probably stick with Dunkirk.

Nathaniel Levesque says:

Fighting tanks with horses, for some reason I'm reminded of a scene in another movie where an archaeologist fought a German tank on horseback.

20 bonus points if you can guess the movie I'm talking about.

Medicine Mundy says:

Never heard of it, but it sounds good.

Good Job on the vlog, Monsieur!

Proto Star says:

Notification squad :v

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