VERONICA (2017) Netflix horror movie review!

VERONICA (2017) Netflix horror movie review!


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Miguel Gonzalez says:

Movie was so unoriginal just because it was in Spanish and has jump scares doesn’t make it scary don’t listen to the positive reviews this movie was ass

Daniel Navarro says:

Thank you for the Great Review.Love u
Beautiful young Lady.I call you "Spooky"!Hope u don't

Daniel Navarro says:

Hello Spooky! I watched "VERONICA" and it's a good movie.

Kobe Kalibar Music says:

The movie won't let me watch it in english wtf

David Smith says:

Totally agree… the fact the source material is 'true' was what made me watch but they really did not utilize the source material at all. I expected much more but was left pretty disappointed. The acting,especially the kids,was fantastic I thought but sadly they couldn't save the film from being just another throw away horror that you'll watch once then forget about it.

Francisco Lopez Zamudio says:

I wouldn't mind watching the movie with her (;

Jonathan Suniga says:

Sorry to disappoint but it's not scary.

Groovy Dude says:

There was one REALLY intense scary scene and they immediately undercut it with OOO DA BIG MONSTER COMES OUT and a man in a rubber suit and PS1 videogame hands come out and get her

limbo says:

so sick of adverts on social media portraying this movie as the scariest movie ever and people had to turn it off. I am a pansy when it comes to horror and this movie didnt even make me flinch. i watched the remake of IT after and that movie scared me more than Veronica. its a good movie but it isnt so scary you'll turn it off, infact I'd give it a 5/10 on the scariness scale

Ogvic 13 says:

That movie wasnt even scary

Stephanie Leverett says:

Emily Rose my favorite too!

Line Svensen says:

Right now my nr 1 is IT FOLLOWS and is it gonna top that? Hmmmm

Bob Bob says:

It wasn’t scary at all, I was disappointed but it was sad mostly at the end, not scary

Lennon Bedilyn says:

Good thing I have a twin sister, to watch this with. Thank you for the review. ??❤

Hector Hernandez says:

D ja de ablar tanto i di d que se trata .

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