Upgrade Angry Movie Review

Upgrade Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex get Upgraded after watching this sci-fi body horror flick! How does the concept hold up and is it really similar to the upcoming Venom?

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Personal References says:

@AngryJoeShow That isn't Tom Hardy. The guy who plays the main character is named Logan Marshall-Green

Cam Vilar says:

What movie isnt predictable these days? I'm just glad its something fresh. I loved it

Shitstirrer says:

This is the film Lucy should have been. It is also a bit too close to what Venom could be.

BJ James says:

also lowrent ashton kutcher

Christian Ruiz says:

I enjoyed the twist. But I think the movie lacked in its writing. The beginning sequence with the protagnist and his wife I found very corny.

Zac Barnett says:

I don’t understand how you think this movie is too predictable. The ending really threw me off, it was an amazing twist!

My Pants says:

Action movie rules apply!

brownie3492 says:

On every movie review with these 3 they always agree with Joe, you just see it coming halfway through the video

Chris Banks says:

It's not tom hardy lmfao

jules says:

I thought stem allowed itself to be shut down so that Gray would go to the hacker and reboot himself allowing stem to have autonomy

OU81TWOZ 46 says:

Does Alex wear tight shirts to show off his fat or to show off the muscles under his fat.

Finnmega26 says:

Alex is a discount AJ
Thems the rules boys, follow them

mugen11120 says:

The movie was great the hidden message behind the movie

AwesumG1 says:

I’m surprised the aren’t as familiar with him as the could be. He was in Prometheus and Spider-Man homecoming, albeit not huge rolls in them, but he still had a Tom hardy vibe.

Extreme Narcissism TV Daynebriation Nation says:

More Hard Core Hipster Than Hard Core Henry.
Get it?
Millenials you don't need hard work or practice.
You can do everything already… like Rey from SW.

Extreme Narcissism TV Daynebriation Nation says:

Don't go to the gym… get an Upgrade.
Should've called this film Rey-Man.
Be millennial Rey of light.
Don't learn how to train or work hard.
Get an Upgrade!
Hipster Hero.
Less Hard-core Henry.

Shaun Carver says:

Hey Joe how about not have the final score in your video preview. Now I don’t need to watch the video.

Hugo Stiglitz says:

You really didn't like this movie??

Rick Knight says:

OJ – "Why doesnt Joe look at me, like he looks at Alex ?"

FuzzyS0X says:

wtf is with the guy in the background doing an interview or something? He has a fucking infinity stone on his forehead

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