UNLUCKY CHARMS ? Full Moon Horror Movie Review

UNLUCKY CHARMS ? Full Moon Horror Movie Review

Danny Knightmare Reviews Fullmoon’s film Unlucky Charms

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Kelly Marie Farrell says:

I love that you review these Full Moon movies! Big Puppetmaster fan here.

Bob Utley says:

I wouldn't consider myself a "hardcore" full moon addict yet but I'm getting there age thirteen I own the full Puppet Master franchise, The Whole Killjoy Series, Zombies VS Strippers, Evil Bing, Doll Graveyard, Demonic Toys, Doll Man and then that crossover. But this one I'll be wanting just because it's different and strays from Clowns and toys

Ariel Mc fangirl Mendez says:

When's the next goul's night out livestream?

Screaming Soup! says:

We're on the same page with this, Danny!

Metaluna Zombie says:

i won the contest to name it miscreations i was promised a coupon for their site but i never got it lol oh well

Timelord 007 says:

Great review Danny, I agree with your points mate, this film needs retweaking in a few places & add some gorier deaths & they should have B' movie gem.

This film is the equivalent of porn star Aletta Ocean knocking on one's door topless then disappearing it's nice & everything but it leaves you wanting to see a lot more.

Nice one Danny, at least the women were hot, wasn't Lisa Wilcox from Elm Street 4 & 5 in this?

docthemetalfreak says:

i saw that exact same shirt at Walmart earlier today. i thought wow that looks cool….$5? seriously? well dang i gotta get it. for this movie tho i would try to watch it then review it for St Patricks day but maybe i can find something far worse lol.

Harrison Callifrax says:

Great review! Looking forward to Evil Bong review. All this talk of Leprechauns is reminding me I need to film my next review soon. For films in later Full Moon reviews, I recommend Trancers or Head Of The Family. 🙂 Awesome!

Ray Ruckus says:

Never saw Unlucky Charms. Thanks for the warnings. Evil Bong is ridiculous but in a great way enjoy. P.S. gots to do Subspecies at some point.

Drumdums says:

Reality tv in a horror movie…nope. Halloween Resurrection really suffered because of it. Great review Dan. I'll definitely be skipping this one.

HellKnight20 says:

I really want to get back into watching full moon titles, as I've only seen a couple of them. These videos are a big help on what to watch

Amy McLean - Author and Film Vlogger says:

Based on the title alone, this'd totally grab my attention!

Random TV says:

Wereprechaun 50% werewolf 50% leprechaun 100% Unlucky The Full Moon.

Al's Horror Shop says:

love the spoilers clip!

VideoCop says:

Man, I used to think I liked Full Moon, which I guess I do like Charles Bands' ooold stuff, but this movie looks like a big reminder why I hate all their stuff from the mid 90s and after. That is with the exception of the Gingerdead Man.

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