UFI: Herbert West: RE-ANIMATOR (1985) | H.P. Lovecraft’s Classic Horror Movie Review

UFI: Herbert West: RE-ANIMATOR (1985) | H.P. Lovecraft’s Classic Horror Movie Review

Em brings Photon’s pet rat back to life, inspired by HP Lovecraft’s RE-ANIMATOR! Dive into this campy horror classic & see what sets it apart from well-worn Frankenstein & zombie movies.

Read the original story of HP Lovecraft’s “Herbert West: Reanimator” free online:

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Movie Junkie says:

I knew it! Re-Animator! Another awesome video from the Mighty's, Im amazed how much love goes into every one of these videos. Please don't stop guys. It's actually criminal that you don't have more subs. Anyone who is watching this show them some love and hit that subscribe, original content like this is hard to come by!

Hinatachan360 says:

Dang it, I want an adorably dapper robot like Photon! Too bad I lack a degree in engineering, robotics, and programming. There go my hopes and dreams.

Atsard- Dali says:

I can not believe this film is 33 years old, wow …. was great when i saw it back then at the Royal theatre in San Francisco..
Still is great today

i Like your work, I will subscribe

David Cornell says:

I'd love to see a movie review on "The Fountain." It's such an underrated and relatively unknown film filled with literary/cinematic genius, that it saddens me to find a lack of a following for it, given that it's one of the better "slow burn" stories filled with ambiguity to an extent to which everybody can pull deep meaning from it.

Alexzandria Stormwielder says:

Photon is the most adorable robot I have ever seen, even though he has a TV for a head he still has so much expression and personality! Great job designing him.

дмитрий лавров says:


Courtney Coulson says:

I love the Re-Animator, I feel it's pretty underrated, but West is such a compelling protagonist, which is rare in the horror genre, his performance alone makes it enjoyable to watch over and over.

Eiko 82 says:

I've never hard of this movie but it looks like campy 80's fun.

Looking at your videos, I'm always amazed at how much work you two put into each video. Great job and keep up the good work! I liked how Mr Templeton kept showing up throughout the video XD

poysm says:

You must do another HP Lovecraft movie: From Beyond also staring Jeffrey Combs, plus Barbara Crampton
It rocks!

Patrick Malqui says:

Could you explain the rat in the video it kind of creeped me out ?

Getonmanuttz says:

Mmmmm good stuff. Thank yoU!

Cheesiest_CheesePuff _ofThemAll says:

Proud to say I've been here before 1k 😀

The Rat 101 says:

I love it when do obscure movies. I've never heard if this one before but you can bet I'll be checking it out now! Keep up the good work.

Psycho_ Maniac13 says:

this video made me want to rewatch it all over again!
and by any chance, did you guys watch the second one? wife of the re-animator?? i didn't even know there was one, i want to know it its worth the look! the trailers make it seem weird

Robot Z9 says:

So…how do you think they'll take care of the giant rat?

Strange 030Guy says:

I wanna drink that stuff now :3

Nightbang zero says:

Omg you guys deserve more subs ??

Gabriel Camacho says:

You guys let Mr. Templeton grow a littttle bit too big .-. Also, Photon looks so adorable when he blushes <3 Great video as always, guys! I believe Herbert West is a neither a good or bad guy, he doesn't necessarily cares about anyone except Dan, he just cares about his work and what he can do. Also, to hell with all corrupt powers! If they would have realized what they had in their hands, maybe the experiments would have gone better

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