Two Beers and a Movie Review (True Romance)

Two Beers and a Movie Review  (True Romance)

Barking Squire vs Keith’s New Hop beer. I enjoy two nice beers and watch a favourite movie. Next week I have a few great movies to pick from…. Not sure if I’m going back to the 60’s or find something more current.

Favourite line in the movie? Tell me in the comments.



Yukon12gauge says:

they have one called Big mouth its really great. they have a website hopcity dot com

gunlover111 says:

Lookin for some barkin Squirl now ..

Yukon12gauge says:

Thanks bud, now that I have the frame work I think I can do 2-3 of these. Instead of comparing beers it can be a beer and a shot or something like that.

edge4006 says:

Great movie, got to try that beer someday.

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