Truth Or Dare – Movie Review

Truth Or Dare – Movie Review

A game of truth or dare that will kill you if you refuse. Here’s my review of TRUTH OR DARE!

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Kurumi Shinoda says:

Next up: 2 truths and a lie with Satan

Tom Himself says:

this sounds like my kinda movie
fuck its pg-13? nevermind

Ziip47 says:

Review Brawl in Cell block 99

Ann Nee says:

Ok the Norman Bates grin in the Thumbnail really creeped me out for a second there😁

John WEAK says:

I want a horror movie about Paper, Scissors, and Stones.

Heaven Aden says:

This is the first review I've seen where Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckman totally disagree. Chris was probably that "asshole" laughing in the crowd 😛

Doom Guy says:

The Floor is Lava!!! Next summer 2018

Penguin 101 says:

How about if they just dared each other to stop playing and live a long and prosperous life?

sawsaghost 1031 says:

I hate modern day "horror" movies, cause its not horror, its horrible

sawsaghost 1031 says:

Next horror premise Simon says

AJ Estur says:

Great hair, Jeremy.

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