True Scary Story: The Phelps Mansion

True Scary Story: The Phelps Mansion

True Scary Story: The Phelps Mansion
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CreepyNews says:

Casper the ghost says Hi!

sparkle gazer says:

sounded like a good haunting spirits in there saving lives

Marianne Leavitt says:

After watching many videos, I've come to think of his accent is strong Sean Connery and slight German. Anyone know what it is??

Trinity Le Fox says:

oh god…. we are taking a field trip there ._.

i wish a book would hit me in the face when we go to Phelps XD

X Khan says:

The house was on Elm Street, as a kid, was fascinated by this story, There was a swamp there where the mansion stood, after a friend claimed something grabbed his leg, we never returned there

anmullenax05 says:

You wouldn't think demonic being that whatever it was saved the child TWICE… although one could speculate that whoever rang the buzzer also was the one who put the child in harms way both times… evil v good… creepy

LodiTX says:

I've read about this case. The husband was a preacher and a real bore. The mother, who was a widow, married him in haste because she felt she needed a man to take care of her and the children. She was a weak woman who spoiled her children, but he was a martinet who was too strict. She was not poor so he got something out of it, too. I would have created stuffed clothes tableaux and knocked some things around, too, to get away from him.

elmin82 says:

good video, didn't know this story

TallTales100 says:

Who wrote the closed caption for this video? @3:50 …… "when a shark who was sleepwalking try to leap from the landing on the third floor" LOL

Gale Cross says:

I can't get enough of your channel ❤️ your work ty

Laine Kaye says:

If you are interested in people vanishing you should check into the case of Lisa Stone in Dallas, TX. She disappeared in 2010 and the only "person of interest" has refused to help the police. 48 Hours Mystery did an episode about it called The Facebook Detectives if you would like to check in out. The case needs all the public attention we can get for it.

irene gronewald says:

yeah. ranil….thanks WHOA….eerie creepy…

99fruitbat says:

Poltergeist ! A study in Destructive Haunting ! Colin Wilson 1981… first published in Great Britain by New English Library… Don't know how to send a link to all Ranil fans… But I have the book ! Details this case remarkably ?

Tamara Figge says:

Hi Ranil, please do a piece on Davis Memorial in Hiawatha, Kansas. Very eerie and weird. Love all your videos! Keep up the good work. Love your voice and accent!❤❤

pierogipizza says:

neat, happened right on my birthday

watergoddesskasey says:

I like his voice it's very calming.

mustang sallie says:

very interesting….

MommaMccall says:

Awe I love haunted!!! Js

dontwanttono says:

Hi ranil, any more re7 videos coming soon. I really enjoy your gameplay. ?

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