True Romance – The Sicilian Scene in HD

True Romance – The Sicilian Scene in HD

Christopher Walken & Dennis Hopper are gods among men.
The music is The Flower Duet from Lakmé by Léo Delibes.
Tarantino himself has named “The Sicilian scene” as one of his proudest moments. “I had heard that whole speech about the Sicilians a long time ago, from a black guy living in my house. One day I was talking with a friend who was Sicilian and I just started telling that speech. And I thought: ‘Wow, that is a great scene, I gotta remember that’.” (From the unrated director’s cut DVD commentary.)



TheWholeSystemisFckd says:

What makes scenes like this so great is how intellectual they are. Christopher Walken tries to be "superior" in this exchange, acting calm and exuding the upper hand. Dennis Hopper flips it, and not by just saying "Hey, fuck you". He's able to read Walken's character, and knows that (true) story about the Sicilians is what will break him and make him kill Hopper. The logical thing for Walken would be to torture and eventually break him. But Hopper is able to cut right to his heart and force him to pull that trigger. Hopper's character wins this exchange, and that's why we love it

Mr says:

9:43 great acting by hopper

avisitorhere says:

So he has a rag full of alcohol (and blood) a lighter and a man he hates a foot away from him. Any ideas come to mind?

Coco Nut says:

always loved this scene… movie is only ok, but this scene is awesome

Jackson C. Price: Copy-and-Paste hero says:

9:25 Christopher Walken calls Dennis Hopper a cantaloupe.

Frank G. says:

10 min of pure awesome cinema

IrritatedIndex says:


aaaaaaand his henchmen gets the gat ready.

dacmiller says:

Simply one of the best scenes of all time….great work by Christopher & Dennis

comets00 says:

1 of the best movie scenes of all time

Arden Vangellis says:

they don't make movies like that now , it all BS in Hollywood now , faggot like Di caprio and the rest of those phonny ass

Charlie Warden says:

Love how he said "I haven't killed anyone, since 1984" hahaha like there's some leeway given for time away from killing. Such a great scene

Frances Raiford says:

interesting thing to tell the boss cross that out

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93CAMAROZ28 says:

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American Jew says:

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