True Romance Review

True Romance Review

In which I review Tarantino’s first published script.



Tim Young says:

This is one of my all time favorite movies!

RomaNos says:

in Tarantino's version Clarence gets killed and Alabama becomes a prostitue in order to make a living for her and i think for her baby. and in the Theatrical Cut, they live happily ever after with lots of kids.

Barney says:

what do you mean the tarrantino cut? whats the difference?

Tyler Crown says:

@rwasta7007 Then you totally missed the point.

Mailman692 says:

holy shit man
a guys twilight, I never thought of it that way

rwasta7007 says:

THIS IS one of the best movies of all time, but the part where he calls Sicilians niggers is unrealistic, and is debatable false

rwasta7007 says:

@HeathLedger1979 eeeeeeee, lets see, what can i say now? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.

edward2962 says:

This movie was written before DOGS.Quintin sold it and used the money to help finance Reservoir Dogs.Romance came out a year or two later.

juggernaut44 says:

i really dont know why u think this is what everyguy wants. i think this is the farthest from what any guy wants. these charcaters go through alot of horrible shit.

therealmanos says:

It's such a great movie. I'm glad you liked it. Tony Scott was the director and it's cool seeing their styles mix together on this project.

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