True Romance (1993) [Crime Romance Movie Review]

True Romance (1993) [Crime Romance Movie Review]

My review of “True Romance”, 1993 crime romance directed by Tony Scott, written by Quentin Tarantino, starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette.
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Amelia Healy says:

I'm so glad you loved this film. It is one of my favourites also. It really pulls you in into it's own unique world and it's unforgettable. I first discovered this first through my favourite band The 1975, who wrote a song based on this film called Robbers. There actually is a music video for the song Robbers that borrows heavily from the True Romance the film, with amazing cinematography that I would also recommend you watch since you have an interest in movies. Even the lyrics of the song reference the last line of the movie which is 'you look so cool'. Thank you for reviewing this and you should know that you are my favourite film reviewer on YouTube. Even better than Chris Stuckman. Keep reviewing and have a nice day.

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