True Mystery: Disappearance of Morgan Nick

True Mystery: Disappearance of Morgan Nick

True Mystery: Disappearance of Morgan Nick (wiki)
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The Black Cat says:

Why couldn't anyone get the license plate number on his truck?

The Black Cat says:

Her family was also on Extreme Home Makeover Edition as well.

Thisbandsux says:

i like your videos im still shock that you dont have more subs yet, i hate when i see more channel with subs who use robot voices then a channel who used there actual voices especially when english isnt there first language, shows you put more care and is trying then a channel who copies there text from a sources online and runs it thru a text to speech software. there claiming fair use when they are sometimes stealing it word for word and no giving credit, and then shit get recycled, god how many countdown i heard talk about the voynech manuscript in it. but great channel

Sam Seegers says:

I love listening to you Creepy News and like you as a people

Amber Dennis says:

I was infant when she disappeared but back when I was 17 I was almost kidnapped by a blonde haired man driving an old green car with an Alabama tag starting with 43. I think there are serial killers on the loose.

Hunter Newell says:

June 9 is my dad's birthday

Maddie Pickles says:

The parents are not involved. I live in Arkansas and my mom remembers the mother going door to doer begging to help her find her daughter. I don't believe she is involved. She just seemed like she lost her mind after her daughter disappeared, I was not alive when Morgan went missing, but my mom and brother was and my mom remembers clearly. However, you never know who is innocent or guilty. Hope they find Morgan alive, but even if she isn't finding her would give closure.

Charlie Graeser says:

I remember this growing up. I went to Alma intermediate when this happend. I hate that this happend. The whole area right there is very peaceful.

Bff 1d says:

Colleen nick goes to my church we miss her dearly ?

snugglykoalabearable says:

She did receive a new house from Extreme Makeover Home Edition – strange that this didn't come up in your research.

Not a Dog says:

I don't think this case will have a happy ending I think shes dead 🙁

Algorithm X says:

the description of this dude is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! harry chest and cut off blue shorts or something ROFL>….fucking sicko.

Samantha Zamora says:

the parentsare definitely not involved

Honey Bee86 says:

* said in HILLBILLY accent *

"I like to diddle me some lil' girls"

irene gronewald says:

sorry for all involved……no suspect paid the price…for this crime…a evil person

rmtheg234 says:

Seems like the disappearance of her daughter is the best thing that ever happened in her life.

Johanna Carey says:

omg, its so sad, but i will never let my kids out off my sight

Mystery Girl says:

Would you mind doing a video on susan walsh or the ice box murders?

bonnita- marie decarvalho says:

this world is such a scary place,so many evil people,its terrifying :O hi I'm a new sub,great channel 🙂

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