Trauma (Dario Argento) movie review

Trauma (Dario Argento) movie review

Dario Argento’s Trauma marks his first American feature production and some say the first sign of his creative decline.
Here’s the trailer:
Asia Argento in Trauma:



Nico J says:

Dario Argento's Trauma is honestly my favorite film out of his filmography. Most Argento fans look at me perplexed when I say this. But for me this film truly showcases the best of his abilities. Effectively dark and perfectly dreamy.

55bueller says:

I love Trauma or as he says "Tra-arma". Savini's Noose-O-Matic was incredible!

Twelve Pole movie says:

Really love the method of kills in this movie and enjoy brad dourif in this one. Under appreciated film for sure. Saw this back in 2004 or so and really enjoyed it at the time

Khambrel Green says:

I have yet to view this film. You have whetted my appetite.

Adriana C says:

Please tell me you are working on writting a book of Dario Argento work I really love your insight on his work .. I have enjoyed all your reviews on his movies !!!

joshua2814 says:

Yeah, I think this is still pretty watchable (I'll buy it one day), but definitely not his best. A great Argento among the rubble is a great way to put it.
I appreciate the Argentos trying to deal with anorexia, which was a personal issue for them. I knew that going in and that definitely affected my viewing.
BTW: Dourif did get a Golden Globe and an Oscar nod for his first (credited) film role, so I wouldn't say he's completely unrecognized.

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