Train to Busan Official Trailer #1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD

Train to Busan Official Trailer #1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD

Train to Busan Trailer 1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD [Official Trailer]



German Scherer says:

like si venis por hecatombe

gaby rodriguez says:

gong yoo ahhh que fuerte que esta <3 <3

Chocolate McCookies says:

North Korea is best Korea

Velvet says:

This movie had me hollering

exoticarmy says:

When you expect glenn to pop out of nowhere

Absent says:

I just love Korean movies man they never disappoint…

Show Entertainment says:

All the respect for koréan people amazing movie !!!!!!

Mucker3000 says:

That selfish old man just refuses to die, it makes the film totally unrealistic. Puts me off the movie a bit. =_=

andromeda gen says:

Now we know why Glenn from twd was so valiant, notice not one of them had a gun and they kicked so much but.

Samrat Singh says:

Gangnam to busan right?

Samrat Singh says:

oh my god! so scary

Sharon Walsh says:

Finally got my copy and watched last night. It's AMAZING!

Julleen says:

don't watch this movie! ending sucked. not satisfied but it's an awesome movie if u do watch it

DaKussh says:

This is a pretty decent movie over all, good acting, well produced (for not being a Hollywood movie with a $300 million budget, looking at you WWZ), totally would recommend to anyone that wants some fresh air regarding crappy zombie movies.

Peace says:

any other survival movies like this for recommendation??????? LOVED THIS ONE!!!

alkmatraz smiddt says:

well. that was an emotional Rollercoaster. i dont think i can call that movie "horror" i am really drained from the movie.

Ama Matthews says:

yoo gong is so hot like damn im so excited to watch this movie

Rich Dogg says:

Hollywood is already working on remake. I think Sony are trying to buy the rights

Kaigan says:

Came here from Goblin <3

Reuben Junior says:

Korea proved that they are the best in zombie-making movies and cinema so Hollywood find some other stuff to do

Movout Of The Net says:

American movies main problem is that they always want to hit it big, ultra epic, and then some movies end up without soul or too repetitive. This is why REC is better than Quarantine and Train to Busan better than World War Z. It looks like they have lost the ability to make it shine with good creativity. Specially because they think that stealing the idea is cool.

Sally Beckett says:

Anyone know where I can watch this in the UK?

coastal air says:

Korean Zombie's return brought my here.

ecine reb says:

This is the first zombie film in which I had to cry. I love this genre. great movie!

Kook Shook 사랑 says:

this movie was the absolut bomb! gotta watch it again some day

Fernando Britto says:

Best zombie film since 28 days later !

Marcus Magsayo says:

I like how this movie used actors instead of CGI stuff like in WWZ

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