Torment Horror Movie Review

Torment Horror Movie Review

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Briana Ragland says:

it is awsome

Kentucky Killbilly says:

The fact that the second half contained a bunch of bad decisions and a plot twist that I didn't care about this movie bombed in my opinion.

Retroh TV says:

The house that was used in the video is my cousins house

Llama Time says:

Im watching it after I watch this video, its on netflix 😀

Robert Alexander says:

great review, def agree on the first half been great, and the second half falling flat. 5/10 for me

lauren ralph says:

I totally loved this movie Katharine Isabelle is always awesome but I agree they could have done more with this film like a little bit more blood most def a twinge more gore and some of the scenes 2 have a bit more action if they did that this film would have been a bit better but overall it was a decent horror film I get it 6 1/2 out of 10 great vid luv cheers

orc145626 says:

pro, Katherine Isabelle ftw!

mike bloodofodin says:

I think you hit the nail on head with this one

mike bloodofodin says:

Have you ever tormented someone? ; damn dude you really let that poor kid have it; Don't think he should keep acting hu

mike bloodofodin says:

Guess who the real killer

mike bloodofodin says:

ya know I have it on dvd. I thought is was ok, it wasn't the greatest, but not bad. Now Open Grave, Afflicted, and Blue Ruin are 3 movies released recently that I think are excellent. Torment I might have to re check out. I do think its a basic home invasion movie like you said.

DaSaintz29 says:

nice review jay

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