Top 10 Horror Movie Remakes (Resurrected review 2012)

Top 10 Horror Movie Remakes (Resurrected review 2012)

Top 10 Horror Movie Remakes
Originally posted 2012.
Today, I would include IT (2017).



Skar800 says:

The Thing and The Grudge are my favourites, so glad they made it to your list.

eyextraction says:

evil dead 2013 should be on this list

Xavier Sakurai says:

Okay, my comment will not ever be noticed by you but it does not hurt to try. Can you please do a movie review of The Thing (1951) and The Thing (1982). I would want nothing more than for you to do this as a video

Cyber Swiper says:

Run out of ideas your so right there

Attic Hatch Sound says:

Glad to see the Blob get some cred – underappreciated and very entertaining!
My personal taste; did not like any "dead" sequels, but liked remake of D o t D.
Body Snatchers could use an honorable mention.

Rayza Ramon says:

Time to watch (Goldbloom) The Fly again. I can't remember the last time i saw it.

sulttaanin tähtisumu says:

the grudge is one of like 5 movies that actually still scare me if i watch it alone at night…I find the stairway scene super stressful


It 2017 would be number one now

Fionn Fitzpatrick says:

I'm surprised not to see Werner Herzog's 1979 remake of "Nosferatu" on here.

PikaLink91 says:

I am glad James shares my opinion, that it is a shame that japanese horror films get remade with american actors, just to make the americans watch it. What? I am european, should I adopt the same mentality and only wanna watch horror films made by europeans? I could never watch another hollywood movie again.

Asaxi says:

You may want to update your list because the evildead remake was fucking awesome. as was 2010's Silent house. just watch it .

Jovan Mitrić says:

Where's Nosferatu (1979)?

Nohara Loco says:

Personally I love a variety of horror movies and there have been remakes I felt were better than the original, the thing being my favorite.

But, as I got older I stopped being interested in gore films. Having seen the real thing I don't care for it. So Im more into psychological thrillers and supernatural films.
In my opinion nothing is scarier than the psychological horror in japanese films. The american remakes are okay for the most part, premonition was a disgrace as the japanese one was amazingly good, I find that they aren't as effective in terror.
Ju-on was downright chilling, the effects could chill your blood and the ambiance was deeply disturbing. Something the remake lost utterly.
Same for the ring.
They arent bad, I still like them, but the originals were far better.

Sebastian Sochanski says:

I miss those all good films,so much crap these days.James you're my savoir.Keep it up mate.

ManMonkey600 says:

The best part of the Texas Chainsaw remake is Jessica Biel's jugs getting wet in that white tank top.

Justin Jones says:

I find anyone who hates Kurt Russell to be of low quality character. Lol

Eyedunno says:

"Who Goes There?" is a fucking great story; I reread it every few years. As such, The Thing demolishes The Thing From Another World for me, though some things still make me laugh in the latter (like how it doesn't even bother trying to explain why a research station in the Antarctic would be armed to the teeth with flamethrowers). Still, that's gotta be one of the best horror remakes.

With The Fly, the original was pretty clearly the better movie and is the one to see, but the remake had better body horror and (obviously) better special effects.

Alt+Doom says:

The Thing my favorite horror film of all times.

Joselito Paz says:

Bang HAMMER ??

jmgmarcus says:

More Hammer!

Brian says:

You lost me at Rob Zombies Halloween

SuneTheMairn says:

I still think the thing should be nr 1

Sniper Viper says:

Hi James, if you were to re release this list, would Stephen Kings IT (2017) be on the list and if so where about in the list? Would love to know

Matt Romano says:

Hammer my balls, baby!

PRHILL9696 says:

Pathetic hollywood has no creative talent anymore so they endlessly ruin every classic ever made! Texas Chainsaw and halloween and fly worse remakes ever

Jack Kingsby says:

Thanks for the update in the description, I was curious

jesus mora says:

the thing and the blob are both inspired by at the mountains of madness. we did not get a movie because the studio tought it was too similar to prometeus.
fuck you riddley scot your movies are shit and blade runner is overated!

That Halloween Mann says:

These puns….

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