Top 10 Horror Films of All Time – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

Top 10 Horror Films of All Time – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)


This week it’s a reupload of The Horror Guru’s Top 10 Horror Films of All Time! From the blood splattered halls of slasher classics to the gothic cathedrals of Italian Horror – This list makes it through all the decades of the grotesque! It also happens to be from back when Guru not only sucked at microphone, but also just about everything else.

The video is ESPECIALLY recommended to fans of John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Quentin Tarantino, Guillermo Del Toro, Mario Bava, Robert Rodriguez, Eli Roth and Brian De Palma. 😉

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pythonkatie K says:

What did you think about the Candyman sequel?

Morning Movie with Jamie says:

Great list! 🙂 love, love Night Breed.

Cult Horror Reviews says:

Nice Video. My personal favorites are.
10:The Medusa Touch
9:The Beyond
8:The Descent
7:The Void
5:Juon- The Grudge
3:The Omen
2:The Thing
Honorable Mentions: The Survivor, City Of the Living Dead, Halloween, Night Of the living dead, Carnival of Souls, Jaws

Leo Marcus says:

Awesome list, My Top 10 Horror Films…
10.From Dusk Till Dawn
9. Baskin
8. Tetsuo: The Iron Man
7. Videodrome
6. The Final Girls
5. Suspiria
4. Society
3. It Follows
2. A Nightmare on Elm Street
1. The Return of the Living Dead
Honourable Mentions: Starry Eyes, Possession, You're Next, Prevenge and The Mind's Eye.

Jimbo Green says:

10. black sunday
9. candyman
8. devils backbone
7. nightbreed
6. carrie
5. hostel
4. from dusk till dawn
3. gojira
2. videodrome
1. halloween

Carvirous says:


C0rNxD0gx MeTalHEAD says:

Came here from WWW saw 3 of your videos loved them think you should have more subs and THEN you praised an Eli Roth film that knocked you do quite a few pegs in my book u still cool tho

Thrash Metal Commenter says:

Friday The 13th Part IV
A Nightmare On Elm Street
The Evil Dead
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Fly
The Thing
Night Of The Living Dead
Phantom Of The Opera
The Exorcist

E Tr says:

Awesome list… considering I'd barely be able to pick a top 100, let alone a top 10. Obviously there will be a lot missing 🙂 Super glad you put Candyman on there though, that movie is just perfect in every way (Clive Barker…Virginia Madsen…Tony Todd… and friggin Philip Glass composing…it's truly perfect).

Hardcore Horror says:

+ The Horror Guru What are your thoughts on Battle Royale and who is your favourite character?

Mental Grind says:

And nice sabbath poster

Mental Grind says:

I was just waiting I was like it will not be complete with out Halloween it payed off

Analise Nichole says:


Kurt Denter says:

I'm glad that I have the original version of this video from 🙂

StereotypicalEmoUsername says:

i dont know why but i just couldnt finish the original carrie but i finished the remake

Fleece Johnson says:

plzz do more reviews

Sallie E says:

Great list, man! Candyman is a favourite of mine. There were a couple on here that I haven't seen before, I'll have to check them out soon.

Ron Villanova says:

I like how we slowly see your decent into insanity with each video XD
Has this lsit changed at all, just curious?
My personal favortie horr film is either Let the right one in or The tale of two sisters

Insanity Gaming says:

My personal favourite horror film is David lynch's masterpiece eraserhead

albedo00 says:

Thumbs up just for that bit of awesome Carlin. Nicely done!

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