Top 10 Home Invasion Films – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

Top 10 Home Invasion Films – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

This week the Horror Guru takes on the home invasion sub-genre by counting down his top ten favorites. Will such recent entries as The Strangers or the Purge make the list? Play the video and find out for yourself! That is, if you’re not too scared…



Shane Carpenter says:

I like your list a lot I would have probably put funny games in there and took out black Christmas I think

Kocok Paws says:

Not a home invasion movie, but one of the most goriest move I've seen is Long Khong or art of the devil thai movie series, specifically the last two sequel about a teacher name Panoor. so its Long Khong and Long khong 2 or arts of the devil 2 and 3(but not art of the devil 1, it's a completely different storyline and more boring).

John Manning says:

My favorite would probably have to be 2009's "The Collector". I don't know why, but that movie really put me on edge.

Cokie The Clown says:

If you were to update this list, would it include Don't Breathe in a top spot? I found that film to be bliss.

Tony Silvey says:

My #1 has got to be the strangers, I was 12 when I first saw it. Now I'm 21 and I'm still terrified when i watch it!

Robin Klipple says:

I love horror movies, but I can't watch movies with rape scenes, so I usually stick to monster and supernatural horror. Any recommendations?

Rookie_Agent 47 says:

thanks for your reply

Rookie_Agent 47 says:

Is the hole list from IMDB?

Showtime_Kick123 says:

A lot of these films could've been solved with a 12.gauge

Adam Kelly says:

Lost it at the part about the Strangers reviews. Really helpful video as I've fallen behind on horror stuff and am trying to catch up on some home invasion stuff that's gone under my radar. Also trying to keep up with new releases, so I've found your videos in general to be awesome and informative. You have yourself another new fan!

orlandobabe says:

Oh almighty Horror Guru LOL! Have you made a video about Hush?

E Tr says:

Really good video. Excellent choices! Great job 🙂

Have you seen The Dark Hours? Canadian home invasion. I dug it.

What about Shut In? I liked that one too

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