Tomb Raider – Movie Review

Tomb Raider – Movie Review

A video game to movie adaptation that seems to be taking its self seriously. Does it break the mold? Here’s my review of TOMB RAIDER!

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Simon Danger says:

1/10, boobs weren’t triangles

Odist Abettor says:

I definitely enjoyed it, but since the screenwriter has also written the script for Captain Marvel, I'm hoping that's way better.

P t says:

tomb raider is better than boring infinity war

Hero says:

better than the last jedi

TrueBlueMajikDewd says:

Opposite for me. I couldn't stand the stuff from before the island. The island is very shot by shot from the video game and I like that. They even went into Lara feeling remorse after her first kill. Before that? Just filler fluff for movie goers that didn't play the game.

It could have easily been replaced by Lara talking and bonding with Roth, Sam, and the rest of Lara's friends for the expedition after getting it paid for by Ana. And bam. Now you're on the boat. It would be like if there was a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie where Hermoine and Ron get replaced by random AMC tv show actor for a new character that goes nowhere.

I really liked the movie, it is my favorite video game movie, but it's not perfect. And it doesn't have to be. I've seen Marvel do worse with their source material on several movies. Looking at you Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Civil War, and Thor 2.

Joanna Eve says:

Saw it very recently. Agree with the points you made but still my favorite movie of all time. Very well done for a reboot movie. 🙂

Mak Gohae says:

A bit more seriously? You never played any of these games, have you?

TheNegroShoddy says:

This wasn't terrible surprisingly. I agree there were issues with the pacing and the plot twist was dumb and cliche'. I thought the first half was so slow and although some of the action was good and just couldn't help thinking: maybe I should have stayed home and played the videogame.

Traveler _09 says:

When are they gonna make an uncharted movie! I know SJW don’t like male protagonist but uncharted has it all

Jun Kazama says:

Ummmmmmm where is your Love, Simon review????

OriginalOrigins says:

Is it just me or this chick got a big ass head in these posters

Maria s says:

If your an avid tomb raider fan and play the games this movie was fun not the best movie ever but it's watchable. But that plot point did piss me off so much. Should have cut that whole thing.

Ez says:

Are we finally getting towards a good, nay, a fucking decent video game movie. Oh, wait, I’m waking up now….

Isaiah MV Gonzalez says:

Anyone else remember the days when he would be wearing a suit and have a positive review, ?

Anything. Lucy says:

So in other words, I should just go see Love, Simon this weekend

jdzencelowcz says:

I enjoyed it.

nico corrales says:

Yes Jeremy, I expect a trailer review within 10 hours of the trailer being released. Get on it

Thegreat andpowerful says:

Fucking Cheejay

deathsdoor07 says:

what is the plot point that pissed him off?

Teodor Angelov says:

A high production value movie. Sadly, the shortcomings killed it for me. Had me cringing every 5 minutes 😀

Raw Gunna says:


Brandon Watters says:

definitely alot better as far as video game films are just hope they don't drag the hell out of it if they make a sequel also that airplane scene was taken right from the game

dRaGoNuSa GT says:

I liked movie…

Tj Lee says:

Are you going to see/review Thouroughbreds

No Name says:


DJ?cranium?1210? says:

Movie was COMPLETE shite.

Andie Rush says:

I feel like I would’ve liked it a LOT more if I hadn’t played the game.

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