Tomb Raider – Movie Review

Tomb Raider – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Tomb Raider, starring Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu. Directed by Roar Uthaug.



TheAlmightyPanda78 says:

One question…where did you get that shirt tho??

Maximus The Champion says:

Review Train to Busan. It is a highly underrated thriller that you will like a lot

TrueBlueMajikDewd says:

"After 9/11 movies got more realistic" I disagree. I mean just look at Catwoman. Or don't. It's a terrible film. And realism isn't really a positive. Fantasy is a good thing. Fantasy is what makes Star Wars and Indiana Jones as fun as it is. Personally, I prefer the older Lara Croft because I just like more colorful and things that are just more fun and stylish. That said, I'm not with this old vs new fandom that's been going on either. Sure I prefer the old, but I don't see why both can't coexist. We'll see where Tomb Raider goes after the 3rd game…

Maa Organization says:

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Sofa King Cinema says:

More running than a tom cruse movie

Bryan Gray says:

Tits to small: 5/10 ?

Keon Harris says:

Black panther couldn't get an A- but yet Tomb Raider gets a damn B because of video game reference minus the fact that the movie was not well put together and to be honest for a 1hr and 58 minutes can easily put a person to sleep you can't be serious lol

Cj Iscool says:

I thought the movie was gonna suck but I actually really liked it

cade crowe says:

The games are awesome… I just didn’t want this movie to suck lol

Xavier cho says:

At least it’s better than some anime adaptations like avatar the last air bender

happymonkey06 says:

I think you’re kinda wrong about the life changing part of this movie. I believe there is a strong momentum going for women and girls in film; I like to call it The Wonder Woman Effect. This movie very much can inspire girls and women to find their strengths and bravery without ever having to use their body/sexuality to achieve that. This film and the reboot games really speak for the times and I really appreciate that as a female viewer. I felt inspired by Wonder Woman and I felt inspired by 2018 Lara Croft,

Shashikant Vanjeri says:

Sure He Says SILLY A Lot…

78835 says:

This was a 5 star movie people? This girl is the True rep of Laura Croft!!??She goes above & beyond putting that Hungry Games gril & that SW chic to shame, her Smoldering look that she often gave us was what we need cuz Jolee never did it right, the ending was perfect & we got our ?worth

Wolverine Logan says:

It was like watching the Tomb Raider ? Game,a lot of the scenes was from the Game

Paul Callaway says:

I really wanted to like this movie but it was soooo generic. I really did contemplate leaving the theater before the movie ended.

Mak Gohae says:

Why are you so sad? So monotone.

Carlos Andres Castillo says:

Chris why do you say 9/11 changed the way action movies were made?

Deliquescator says:

And people say Resident Evil is a bad movie series. At least it's fun and badass. This however, it's kinda like throwing some random ideas for a story that are somewhat related to the game and seeing what sticks together. It was okay but so many cringe worthy scenes… Alicia is a great actress but I still don't buy how they are making her portray young Lara. It just does not feel right.

hd4011 says:

My biggest concern, as stupid as it may sound, is the rating. I don't watch movies to see blood and gore, but the 2013 game worked so well with all the atmosphere and the survival stuff because it didn't shy away from showing the cruelty. How can that work in a PG-13 movie?

Pranav Veluri says:

You gots to do a re-review of the Dark Knight because the 10-year anniversary is coming up soon this summer. There is no "too much" when it comes to praising the dark knight

Pj Occiano says:

chris… i need that shirt! please where did you get it??

Kenny Velazquez says:

OH PLLEEEASEE DO CRADLE OF LIFE, CHRIS. There's just…you can't NOT do it.

jdzencelowcz says:

I enjoyed it.

Diogo Pereira says:

I resume this movie into this: "Soooo much wasted potential"

14y1ow says:

Ohhh my gooodness. Now I don’t have to watch the movie. I can just come here hurrraaaaaayy!!!!!!!

Dalton Alexander says:

Can you do a review of the hurricane heist? I saw it and know its bad, I just wanna hear you bash it haha

Booker Dewitt says:

I'm always going to Chris before Jeremy from now on, good job man and a B is good enough for me

Noah The Reaper says:

You should do a review on David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive!

Danny Gonzalez says:

Congrats on making the trending page, Chris!

Vinny H. says:

Stuckmann is a hack.
Jeremy Jahns is a hack.
John Campea is a hack.
Grace Randolph is A HUGE hack.
Please young people I beg you…get better taste in film critics. Just because someone has cool thumbnails and camera equipment DOES NOT make them a real film critic.

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