Tomb Raider Angry Movie Review

Tomb Raider Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex take a look at the Tomb Raider Reboot Film and see how it compares to the Video Games and the previous Angelina Jolie Films! Is this one worth watching? Is it better than other Video Game Films? Find out!

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paul fisher says:

who is laura croft joe? because i remember it as lara croft that damn mandela effect

Ryan Hayle says:

I enjoyed your review and point of views, sounds watchable. Wow a lot of posts about Lara's name, I bet you will struggle correcting yourself from now on Joe. Worst game movie maybe Mario Bros or Street Fighter.


They should have called this movie … Tomb Raider Origins . That way, people would have know that she's not the full blown Lara Croft Tomb Raider that people are used to.

iron sheep00 says:

Was she a Mary Sue?

iron sheep00 says:

Boobs were way too small..

bungholio81 says:

Is it Laura or Lara, I thought it was Lara?

Ethan Peers says:

Actually can't stand how many people say Laura. It's not Laura, it's LARA. They're different names, people?

Robert Kelly says:

Better then the Angelina Jolie movies best video game adaptation to movie.

Prime 76 says:

Joe has the wrong version playing in the back this is based on the New version of Tomb Raider

1xoACEox1 says:

Why do you americans call her LAURA?? Its LARA. Anyway, the biggest stumbling block is the main actress. Sure she can act and yeah shes in great shape (though not muscly, cant have hench women in our action films, that stops them being generically attractive *cough wonderwomen cough*) But she doesn't look like Lara croft I'm sorry. Her face is too plain and girl nextdoor. Whens shes trying to look tough or angry its hilarious it just doesn't suit her. To give examples of women who look more the part, Gal Gadot would work but she cant act. Michelle Rodriguez is another.

Aaron Johnson says:

this movie sounds interesting

Taylor Made says:

Make a new game review man damn……way too many movies lately….and and stop pawning off all the games on delrith….their not good…..just saying …….

Domzdream says:

LARA, joe. Not Laura.
You're a game reviewer haha.

Domzdream says:

I miss Lara croft's famous large boobs! Removing that feature is like removing the 'shaken not stirred' quote from James Bond.

Silvio Caetano says:

Super Mario is the worst ever!

Luke.S 2099 says:

Best video game movies: Mortal Kombat, and Silent Hill. Worst video game movies: House Of The Dead, Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge, Double Dragon, Far Cry, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, The King of Fighters, All Blood Raynes, Postal, both Alone in the Darks, Doom, Super Mario Bros, there's way too many lol.

ProDoucher says:

An adventure film with the main character having the most boring facial expression. I will probably hate it.

John Kasern says:

I feel I need to say this since it has not been mentioned before. LARA not LAURA or LORA FFS

PhiL Hendrix says:

You guys should do another review (or just a talk) after a month or so. See if the opinions still holds. Love you guys

Jason Webster says:

It depends on the story, but I tend to like films where you pick up key aspects about the hero and the main antagonist as you go along. I believe that serves action and mystery films very well. However, I do like films where you are given the background of the hero at the beginning. I am interested to know from other film buffs what approach they like regarding the handling of backgrounds of the main characters in films?

Steve Parker says:

NOOOooo he's back !?, Negative Nigel on the left; he's so negative about every movie you review?.
Love how you talk over negative Del.

PhiL Hendrix says:

Have to disagree with you joe! Agree more with oj and alex. This girl is not Lara Croft. Where's her knowledge of archeology? She doesn t even like it. They just put a strong girl in the part and nothing else… I wanted to see her go from an academic to a bad ass.. that didn't happen .

gengoodvibe says:

It was a good film, but that massive bait and switch where it doesn't turn out to be supernatural after drilling that it is into our heads from the very beginning.

Trinidad The Island Man says:

this is the best Angry Joe show ever! I agree with all of you – this was the best Tomb Raider movie yet. The best video game movie is Mortal Kombat I! The worst is Mortal Combat II Annialation!

Joseph Johnson says:

So they mixed the reboot game base with the plot premise of Uncharted 1 game, and the narrative drive of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Lukáš Augustín says:

Disagree with Joe, i was glad, that there is no cheap stupid humor in the movie. If you want that, then watch some stupid generic Captain America movie.

Kevin Marsh says:

Fuck me that movie sucked so bad why the fuck can nobody make I video game film like the game

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