Thor Ragnarok SPOILERS Movie Review

Thor Ragnarok SPOILERS Movie Review

Thor Ragnarok Movie Review SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & review! Ending! Easter Eggs! End Credits! God of Thunder!

Thor Ragnarok Movie Review with SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of Thor Ragnarok in 2017! Ending explained! End Credits! Easter Eggs! Thor gets lightning powers as the God of Thunder, and no more mjolnir?! Did you like the Matt Damon cameo?! Enjoy this SPOILERS breakdown of Thor Ragnarok in 2017 now that you’ve seen the full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Early Spoilers – 00:00
God of Thunder – 1:44
Eyepatch – 6:32
Sister Hela – 8:35
Hulk & Valkyrie – 11:27
Cameos – 16:01
Doctor Strange – 16:48
Tony Stark – 18:25
Greenscreen – 19:25
Missing Story Elements – 20:25
Taika Waititi – 22:34
End Credits – 24:45
Thor – 26:50
Surtur – 28:45
Loki – 29:57
Hela – 32:11
Skurge – 33:19
Valkyrie – 34:26
Hulk Banner – 36:16
Grandmaster – 37:18
Korg & Miek – 38:45
Conclusion – 40:58

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!



meurtri says:

just saw the movie and really loved it. just 15 minutes into this review and 50% of what you say is not only negative but also nitpicky. of course i came to hear your opinion but this is a bit much. just 1 example of somewhat pointless criticism, you complain the hulk doesn't ask about black widow after seeing the video in the jet, but it's literally the first thing he does.

Chris I says:

Stupid review

Joseph Cook says:

The name that they use in the planet Hulk storyline is war bound

Bonap says:

13:15 That actually wouldn't have killed him, he mentioned in earlier films he tried to commit suicide several times. Like he shot himself in the mouth, the other guy spit it out.

Bonap says:

Best things in the movie (SPOILERS)

– Korg and Miek
– Grandmaster
– Hulk acting like a baby
– Opening fight with Led Zeppelin Rocking
– End fight with Led Zeppelin rocking
– "Get help"
– Matt Damon
– I've been falling for 30 minutes!!!
– Doctor Strange and Thor teleporting all over the place
– Basically everything else in the movie

Luciano Pereira says:

Hela was marvelous.
She could rule my world any day.

San San says:

Valkyrie dating hulk…? Ouch.

Aidan Mc nally says:

I just seen Thor ragnarok and I loved it

Tcrumpen says:

Loki has turned into a bit of a comedic teddy bear; he is used as the comic relief a bit to much i'm with you i'd like to see a more psycotic Loki like you saw in the first Thor and Avengers film, maybe he has an identity crisis and drives himself mad (literally) trying to figure out where he wants to be

Luke Roberts says:

grace you should watch what we do in the shadows that was directed and written by take waititi and it's a very good movie

Kazzy Kaioken says:

Too much comedy for my liking

thedarksaviour755 says:

I wonder where Sif was…

Metallix NZ says:

Valkyrie character was like a Maori girl Bro's

Dik Zak says:

EVERYTHING was great. Accept the end credit scene.

pommedepainrouge says:

this movie was horrible

Jason Rowe says:

I don't understand why they make these movies mostly in the United States, with u.s actors, for u.s. but it will release it other places first. It should be the other way around

Merciemode Merciemode says:

I must be only one but i didn't see any romance between valkyrie and hulk at all…

Speed Demon says:

It just came out here it was awesome

scollyb says:

Antony Hopkins as Odin was there for the paycheck, but Hopkins as Loki was great!

Shonya Yedi says:

What about the next thor movie? Is there a sequel after this? I would like to know how the story continues after they are homeless in space.

James Woodward says:

I was rlly confused when my friend watched it as I live in the uk. Cause I saw Chris hemsworth advertising the USA time for the cinema opening

Sexy Sausages says:

Valeryie and hulk would be a shit couple and hulk already has black widow!!!!!

Lego ,toys, Mania says:

I just watched the movie

Carl Buet says:

Valkyrie was never meant to be romantic with Hulk and they never gave that impression they were just friends

kick anger says:

Suprised beta rey bill didn't appear in person as a cameo or something

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