Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review

Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review what could be the best Marvel film to date yet! Thor is taken in a completely new direction see what we think!

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Mister M says:

Its an awesome movie. But at the same time I felt that I am laughing at my granpa slipping on a banana . Scenes that are supposed to be sad are just brushed off by comedy. suddenly everyone's a clown. I dont want a goofy thor.
Its still good but too much comedy.

Efras says:

Cate Blanchett is probably one of rare cases who don't just look better with dark instead of blond hair, but A LOT better, and like 20 years younger on top of it (she even looked relatively old in the first LotR movie which was shot at least 17 years ago). The overall look helps a lot, and there might have been some after-effects, but still, it is quite astounding. After all, some didn't know it was her (I only half-way through the trailer realized it). She is noticeably having fun too…

PaddyCollector says:

On the Jim Norton show Jeff Goldblum revealed that most of his lines were ad libs. It makes his parts in the movie even funnier.

Poetic Gangsta says:

Thor was not that good!! It was way to many jokes. It felt like i wz watching Guardians of the galaxy. Moments that required seriousness,they stepped on w/more one liner jokes.

They made Thor the god of thunder into anorher Tony Spark. Will i ever get to hear have at thee? Probably not!!

Iram Valdovinos says:

Yah this movie is like an 80's guardians of the galaxy 2 not the best story and the cg looks good

OmnigmaTheMaster says:

This movie is just like S.O.S from Future in DBS. Try try hard, they fail, Zeno came in and erase all off Asgard. 😀

Martin Sonderegger says:

Seriously Joe. You still haven't figured out till now the difference between the rotten tomatoe score and the average score? Wow

andakage16 says:

Overrated! Had a good story if u removed hulk and dumb down the in your face jokes.

Sam C. Ruler says:

your game reviews are alright, but your movie reviews just suck!! when you told me/us, "Happy death day" is ok, that's enough! you cleary have a lousy taste in film. not gonna watch anymore of your so-called movie reviews.
stick to your guns joe!

Jimin Hwang says:

I have seen this movie 3 times already, and plan to see it tomorrow again!! BEST Marvel movie for me@@

Baldvin Jónsson says:

for me the movie is a 7,5 and Hel is daugther of Loki not Odinn,

salamander337 says:

I really enjoyed this film. This was way different than the other Thor films which caught me by surprised. It has a 80's vibe to it which I really love. Lots of comedy. Lots of action. And film is longer than expected. My only nip was that there were too much comedy. I wanted it to tone down a little when there was a serious scene, I didn't want them to joke at every dialog. For example when Hulk turned back into Banner it was supposed to be serious and confusing to Bruce but then it took a turn where Banner was trying to be funny which he wasn't supposed to be but he actually was. So I guess it work a little bit on their part. Other than that the movie was fantastic. I love the music by the way. Awesome soundtrack. Oh and Thor vs Hulk was freaking amazing! Best fight scene ever in Marvel movies. Hands down. Love it.

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