Thor: Ragnarok – Movie Review

Thor: Ragnarok – Movie Review

The 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the 3rd chapter in Thor, here’s my review of the 80’s rock comedy of the Asgardian Apocalypse THOR: RAGNAROK!

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Gavin Felan says:

That opening…

You've got issues, Jeremy.

ogorjefan says:

Well, i believe that since this is a lighter interpretation of comic book every character was given that goofier side note. Even Hela and Surtur have that lighter tone in them since the movie is not as you said dramatical or overbearingly emotional like other thor stuff. I think this is exactly what for me personally Guardians movies are missing, and that is more focused storyline without million subplots with more natural flow of the comedy and not forced one like in those movies, Ragnarok sets the tone from the minute one when Thor is messing with Surtur and i knew this will be revolutionary. I think it is awesometacular film.

zamkowicz says:

My favorite Marvel movies are the most comedic ones. IMO this type of self-aware comedy is pretty much the only reasonable way to handle the supehero theme. I mean the concept really is ridiculous by definition, if you think about it. When a superhero movie tries to be serious or dark or gritty it just ends up being silly, to the point where it actually becomes hard to take it seriously. We've seen it many times, BvS being the most recent example. So why not make it intentionally silly?

michael pitt says:

Damn I read too much comics … oh well guess it's a ?

Flappy Folds says:

The ending kinda sucked.

Dudley2344 says:

This film is SHIT.

jie pin lim says:

hollow and fun, thats about it. still enjoy the movie nonetheless

Sevin Wilson says:

Iron man 3 was trash so if this one is following that I'll just wait for black panther

Na I'll still see it comic book fan 4 life

Reneiloé says:

movie was enjoyable but music was totally disappointing

Siefer Tombchew says:

That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking since the first trailer dropped, the whole vibe feels really out of place

European 1994 says:

how much did marvel pay you to suck their dicks?

Alias Undefined says:

Except for visuals, this movie was garbage. They emasculated the God of Thunder by declawing the lion, cutting off his mane and turning him into a cornball because you know… Women love a funny guy. It was full of subtle misandrist undertones. If you couldn't recognize them, then that is because you're a woman or beta bitch yourself. These SJWs that have polluted the market to promote their agenda can go fuck their mothers.

Kevin Steem says:

Too much comedy

jangzter rizer says:

Banner is bad doing super hero landing

Fantastic Mario says:

Whenever I see a Marvel movie and it's a lot of comedic lines in them. I always think that Woody Harrelson line for War for the planet of the apes, "SO EMOTIONAL" but I just think of the "EMOTION" part lol

w41duvernay says:

Jeremy Jahns sounded like a babbling idiot on this review. Not his best work. Has to be more clear on a review.

Joe Brooks says:

You know I felt it left a lot story wise, I was watching the action scenes, and was like , fuck this is so meaningless, and then the comedy comes up and I was like dam well ima watch this again. THE ENDING WAS SO ANTI CLIMACTIC AND THE CREDITS SCENES WERENT WORTH THE 10 MINUTE WAIT . And loki and heimdell did basically fuck all through out the film, like Loki can do some cool trickery mid fight and heimdell can take control of peoples eyes, yet they were both useless in the end fight

James F says:

Best thing about the movie: It's by far the funniest MCU Movie.
Worst thing about the movie: It's by far the funniest MCU Movie.

Those tonal shifts are kinda jarring but when the 2 clash at the end it kind of made sense to me.

progste says:

My problem wih it is they were trying too hard to be funny at all times. It wasn't bad but they could have made it better.

Mholi Mbhele says:

Liked for the opening joke

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