The Void (2017) Science Fiction Horror Movie

The Void (2017) Science Fiction Horror Movie

The Void (2017) Movie Review

When a man runs out of the woods with serious injuries, an on duty policeman rushes him to the nearest hospital. Upon their arrival, the stranger is sedated while the limited hospital workers try to find out the identity of him. While investigating, the policeman discovers a number of cloaked people outside the hospital, armed with knives, who are hell bent on keeping everybody inside the hospital. Not knowing what is going on, the policeman, along with the hospital workers, discover something terrifying in the basement of the hospital, that is connected to the people outside and the stranger who they just admitted. As the night progresses, so too will their nightmare!

Score – 4/5



pekinobo says:

INteresting Review.
Just watched this last week. I had so much hope since the trailer gave me glimps of what to come.
In the end It did felt as a slightly let down – mind you I did liked the Movie. – But, a few scenes where "knicked" from different Movies (wont spoil). I recomend it as you did in the long run. Very Lovecraftian feel to it.
Keep the Reviews coming.
Be safe and enjoy your… umh.. you have Winter in Australia now, so, anyway. Be safe and enjoy the season.

Hansen xxx says:

This film was going somewhere but lost the plot after 30mins in.All they have done is taken scenes from great movies such as Society,Hellraiser,The Thing,Assault on Precinct 13 and added a story that was slow and made no sense.I did try to concentrate and watched it to the end where i did not understand this movie at all.-10 from me.P.S.Can you message me what this film was about : Thanks mate 🙂

TheWickerBoy says:

Yeah I really liked this film I was hooked when I first saw the trailer and I can see your point on Baskin. And the use of the practical effects reminds. Before I watched it someone told Me it was a bit like the remake of The Thing, which worried Me at first. But I'm glad I ignored him the film was great. Awesome review dude

Andrew Walters says:

sounds a bit like event horizon

Geek Legion of Doom says:

Yey. Glad you liked this one. Very event horror. I had a couple of technical niggles, but its good stuff. Great review

Fred Fat says:

Too ambitious for its mere 90 minutes – needed more time to explore and explain – the end result is a mess – its neither one thing or another – sorry but one to A void

fahkzz says:

Was just thinking about this film this morning, then I saw your review. Definitely gotta check it out.

Favorite Color Green says:

Absolutely adored this movie

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