The Villainess (2017) Korean Action Movie Review

The Villainess (2017) Korean Action Movie Review

The Villainess (2017) Movie Review

An organisation that raises young assassins, says goodbye to a young woman and her daughter, after the woman completes a mission, with freedom being the reward. Looking to give her daughter a better start in life than she had, the mother meets and falls in love with her neighbour and ends up marrying him. Unfortunately, her newly found love has a hidden agenda, which suggests that the organisation that haunted her past, hasnt finished with her yet. Betrayal leads to anger and anger will lead to bloody and brutal vengeance!



Efe Aydal says:

Thanks a lot. I'll definitely check it out.

dlqplb says:

Excellent review! Glad i subscribed 🙂

Jesse Midnitekrawlr says:

Cheers Adam! Great to hear yout thoughts on this, I loved it!

Asian Movie Enthusiast says:

Nice review. I really enjoyed this one. The action was great and I'm a big fan of Ok-bin Kim. I wish I had the chance to see this in the cinema.

Smokin aces says:

I am glad you enjoyed it. Nice review 👍👍👍
I've seen this movie 3 times. And every time i love it more and more.
The first time was indeed confusing at some parts. So i felt that the movie dragged at some points. But the action scenes gave me the thought of "yeah i will watch it again".
2th time i understand the storyline better and the confusion/drag part was gone. Those 2 hours flew by like it was nothing.
3th time i said to myself; Yess this is a damn good movie. And i hope there will be a Villainess 2 coming soon. Ok-bin Kim is badass!!!

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