The True Story Of Jason Callahan

The True Story Of Jason Callahan

The True Story Of Jason Callahan
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Linda Jaws says:

Those 2 girls left their phone number on the note to Jason. When the police found the note why didn't they just call the number on there????

Emily Garcia says:

Wait, why did the mother not file a missing person report?! I mean, it would make sense if he was gone for maybe a year or even two, but 20 YEARS?! Who the fuck cares if you file with the "right" jurisdiction, just file with ALL of them then!

Laura Metheny says:

Wow. Thanks Ranil.✌

Coffinbirth Cutie says:

Thanks for makin this video.

97scarletwitch says:

You should give the grateful dead a listen luv. Great video sir.

molten terror says:

he must not have been that close to his family…

butterflyi1 says:

Yes, the Grateful Dead is an American rock band originating from the 60s who gained a very large following….literally. Fans would travel/follow the band show to show. living a type of nomadic lifestyle. At the shows, usually outdoors, you could camp amongst other fans and part of that type of hippie subculture is a bartering system. Meaning if you're hungry and need a meal, someone else may have food to feed you, but they may be in need of a couple beers; which you have. So you trade, helping each other out. Some along the way may see weed and the like or pipes or clothing, etc for income. When camping, everyone needs a fire at some point. So some people will become like an aid for you in exchange for maybe a dry tent to sleep in that night. So they're offering a service for you; gathering wood for the fire and keeping it going. So it became like a big village of people traveling show to show helping each other survive and having a great time! Meeting and making new friends. Exchanging contact info for the next tour since you may want to travel with them on the next tour. Or maybe you need a ride and they can pick you up as the tour goes through your town. Fun loving people, trusting and just wanting to smoke, or whatever, and have a great time! But as the years passed others, who could've cared less about the music and saw ways to take advantage of people, started joining in on the mass village, if you will, and problems started. Theft, assaults, in very large amounts. So the fun changed a little and you became more cautious of the person asking for an apple to eat, etc…

Beruška Vozábová says:

Terrible. Thank you for keeping his memory alive and all the others through your videos.

Bunny Johnson says:

I heard of this case awhile ago so sad . His own family didn't know he was missing because he traveld everywhere following the grateful dead.

Z AoT says:

Another unfortunate case

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