The Transfiguration – Michael O’Shea’s First Film? (2016) Horror Movie Review

The Transfiguration – Michael O’Shea’s First Film? (2016) Horror Movie Review

The Transfiguration – Michael O’Shea’s First Film? (2016) Horror Movie Review
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xisobelx373 says:

Check out WORM

xisobelx373 says:

Have you seen the addiction with Christopher Walken? ? Black and white film .. this sounds kinda like that…mixed with vampires kiss with lmao nic cage

Richard Aaron says:

I watched this movie last week and I was really pleasantly surprised how great it was, it was so much more than a vampire movie but I still consider it a vampire movie. "Let The Right One In" (not the terrible American remake "Let Me In") and "Cronos" are my favorite vampire movies, "Let The Right One In" is just perfect, I can't say enough wonderful things about it. "Cronos" was Guillermo del Toro's first full length movie and it was really cool vampire movie because it is so unique and different from any other vampire movie you'll ever see. Also Guillermo del Toro also made "Blade 2" (the only good Blade movie in my opinion) but a film he made between "Cronos" and "Blade 2" called "Devil's Backbone" was amazing too, although it's not a vampire movie, I'd say if it wasn't for Pan's Labyrinth that "The Devil's Backbone" would be his Masterpiece.

I really liked how he would say "I don't think that (insert vampire movie name) is very realistic." or "I like the movie Near Dark, I think it's pretty realistic." I think the young actor really carried this movie even though the writing was good, casting such a great young actor (who could make you feel what he was feeling or at least understand him even when he was being silent a lot of the time, I hope to see more of him in future films) really helped this movie be more than a mediocre horror film.

Another great movie by a first time director is "May" by Lucky McKee: unfortunately I don't think any of the films he made afterwards were very good. Lastly this is not pure horror but a mix of horror, sci-fi, drama and comedy but somehow it worked, I mean seriously I would be laughing one minute, then in a following scene crying and in another scene terrified and then laughing again and that is a wonderful Korean film called "Save The Green Planet" by a first time writer and director named Joon-Hwan Jang.

Blood, Guts, and Social Commentary says:

Yet another movie you've reviewed that I now have to watch. Thanks! Jerk! 😉

God kinG says:

bruh if you could make a video of the 16 year old dead body that was buried and drugged up and raped lifeless,. would be an interesting one thx!

JL H says:

pronounced "o-shay"" – discovered ur channel a couple weeks ago & I really like ur narrations. keep it up!! ✌️

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