The Totally Rad Show – A Nightmare on Elm Street Reviewed!

The Totally Rad Show – A Nightmare on Elm Street Reviewed!

Is A Nightmare on Elm Street a worthy remake, or does it fail the Rorschach test? Does Super Street Fighter IV punch, punch, kick the crap out of other fighting games? Early hands-on with Lost Planet 2 and Puzzle Quest 2! Plus, we Game with a Name with the director of one of our very favorite films, Best Worst Movie!



Sean VG says:

worst remake in the world

jdscott21 says:

@RussX5Z Most horror movies are shitty, I'll concur, but movies like "Let the the right one in", "The Descent" ,"Frailty", and "28 days later" give me hope for the genre.

gabe baumgardner says:

Wow this show is totally rad

RussX5Z says:

Awesome review on the remake of Nightmare On Elm Street guys. I for one already lost hope and faith in today's horror movies or just today's movies in general. I had this mentality about 10 years ago. And unfortunately it either isn't going to get better or its probably going to get worst just by the looks of how everything is.

RussX5Z says:

@chibangin007 Thank god I never watched it.

LunaticCalm says:

@chibangin007 It's a very different movie than the goofy, almost likeable Freddy we're used to… Michael Bay pretty much tried to make him scary again, but… No.

chibangin007 says:

SUCH A STUPID MOVIE! they shouldve never made a remake. new freddy sucked, acting sucked, the plot sucked, it wasnt very violent. the whole movie was just GABAGE! and freddy has about one line everytime he pops up. and its sooo lame. god this movie was not worth watching

Ross Manthorp says:

Want theme lyrics 😀

Joskeh says:

"ice pirates eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", i don't think i ever laughed so hard, god dam.

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