The Thirteenth Year – Movie Review – Luke & Ian

The Thirteenth Year – Movie Review – Luke & Ian

Luke & Ian sit down and review The Thirteenth Year, a classic Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) from 1999!


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AlterationA says:

If you don't do the HalloweenTown quadrilogy this October, I will be

beyond stunned.

That Sock That Got Lost In The Dryer. says:

Holy shit Ian you look like the mermaid

Clyde Cash says:

What a cute woman brutalmoose is.

Mattteus says:

Coulier is looking more attractive in this than in FH (did he come to terms with Alanis?

Snooglebum says:

I don’t know what this new “constant sound effects, video filters, and motion tracking on random objects” phase of Brutalmoose is, but I love it. Keep it up.

PoeticPotato says:

Do they ever explain why the merfolk have those specific powers? Like electricity? Is it a spin on electric eels?
And would scales even help them climb up walls?

Nalia R. says:

This was great! I remember watching it all the time when it came on. What I don't remember if they explain why he had sticky hands and electric powers….are mermaids known for having superpowers?
But anyway, maybe consider doing a review for Don't Look Under The Bed next? It was sweet corny goodness!

Carlyle 1226 says:

I really love the format of this video. Great stuff guys had me laughing out loud

Sullivan Bard says:

Remember the Tuba Child.

Bonfire Keeper James says:

Courntee Draper (Sam, the love interest) voiced Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite. Pretty neato facto.

MoonSpirit says:

Is there any chance you could look at another Disney Original Movie I remember fondly? It's called "My Date with the President's Daughter."

UltimateisUltimate says:

I thought this movie was a fever dream…..

Itz Trikki says:

I remember seeing this on disney and I wondered why that movie existed

moonstarsfire says:

Do Johnny Tsunami next!

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