The Strangers: Prey At Night – Movie Review

The Strangers: Prey At Night – Movie Review

After 10 years, THE STRANGERS gets a sequel! Was it worth the decade long wait? Here’s my review for THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT!

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Fernando Pina says:

Movie reviewers are bitter. They need a vacation.

KlaymenDel says:

Movies are still the form of escapism for me. Actually the very reason why I love them.

Sad Satan says:

Yeah, it was fucking stupid. It completely undoes everything that made the original so great. It adds nothing to the story once so ever, just takes away from it. It does leave it open for a third installment but the way the plot moves it leaves you with the feeling of not giving a shit.

Christian Gravemaker says:

Thanks.. I knew it would be bad. But I wanted it to be good. The Strangers (original) was amazing. I'll skip this.

Ray says:

The pool scene and the car chase scene on the bridge is cool, and really you made fun of the person who plays the brother by judging his looks

Maggie MacLean Dawson says:

This movie scared the shit out of me not gonna lie

TheMinionProductions says:

I loved the first one though

Allie Boy says:

They should have made it took place in the 80's would have made more sense and possible cooler. When I first saw the trailer I thought it was the 80's. Cuz the girls Ramones short even made it seem like it wasn't present day. But then I saw their smartphones lol

Daniel Morales says:

The first one just felt more gritty to me, more home invasion type of survival with creepy music. This one felt like a mainstream slasher film for the nowadays audiences. I just prefer the gritty strangers with creepy aspects than this pile of rinse and repeat

Allie Boy says:

I thought this was good. The use of 80's music was dope. I don't believe it to be a sequel. Just like another movie with the same killers or a reboot.

Vinson Cole says:

But but but…..but ign gave it an 8.2!!!!

Brandon Condron says:

Jeremy Jahns you are my hero

Jay Parikh says:

Its really not dog shit, honestly i just went to see it and thought it was some of the funniest shit id ever seen

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