The Spy Who Dumped Me | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

The Spy Who Dumped Me | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Watch Sucharita Tyagi’s Not A Movie Review of The Spy Who Dumped Me starring Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, Justin Theroux, and Sam Heughan. The movie is directed by Susanna Fogel.

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Mona says:

Sometimes women ( especially in India) try too hard to bring out the “feminist” perspective in everything. Not everything is a struggle, not everything is a fight. It’s as if we are suffering from a persecution complex. This kind of a point of view brings a bad rap to women who are genuinely fighting for a cause. It’s a fun movie, with 2 great actresses, who show that a movie about friendship can be without a typical love triangle, weddings, evil ex- girlfriend, although there is nothing wrong in that. Why dissect something and distort it?
Women using their bodies to access information is a pre historic premise, case in point, the heat, spy, even the the last two mission impossible movies.

Jemin Putra says:

The Spy Who Dumped Me film (2018) #NOW Available :

Pranjal Kriplani says:

Cinema deserves to have equal voices it’s the most widely consumed art form.
So when women tell women stories which by the way doesn’t happen that often and has started happening just bloody now in Bollywood we get different perspective & hopefully better cinema.
And that’s what cinema is about,it’s about perspectives of people who watch it and make it.
Similarly critics also deserve to have a perspective.


Alankar Joey says:

Its not a female perspective, i don't have to be a female to feel so, women have been done wrong, and anyone with a good heart will feel and observe the same way she does

Ajeet Kumar says:

@Sucharita u know yr best thing abt tere so called NOT a Movie Review becoz of which mai Anupama mam se phle tere videos dekhta hun is your awsm cocktail of hindi n english n dat style of urs….pretty catchy na ki koi kisi ki ungli krde n that too kafi nonchalant tarike se….but this one… isme laga ki jst becoz angreji movie ka review tha there were jst small tit bits of hindi in between…..aisa lagta hai jbrsdsti ki gye ho….don't loose ur MO na yr…

Purvi Bhateriya says:

I stick by her..It is just her way of reviewing what's wrong?? … Always waiting for her reviews 😍

D tab says:

Such …. I still hv to understand your marks allocation 😩

Deepshikha sharma says:

I can clearly see me and my best friend, who actually are soul Sisters… I think we two should become spy sometimes… One more thing SUCHARITA at least you got dumped over text.. mine just disappeared… Fattu Singh Chaudhary 😂😂😂😂

Irfan Jhaveri says:

Sucharita = Feminist Fanatic

Rishabh Arora says:

guys..let it be. inka feminism ka lecture inki mummy anupama leti h..n she encourages her to go all in on this crap. she won't understand because she is delusional and thinks she's actually making a difference to the world. Sadly, its far from reality.

bhupindar singh says:

But the movie is like worst then humsakal yee feminism

Keeru B says:

it's not a movie review – it says so in the name itself. Sucharita has always given her perspective of the film, be it making jokes or tearing down a faltu film, nobody had any issues with that, but talk abt anything "female" related, certain ppl have problem…why ur adding this in review blah blah…

StanaKaticFan says:

Sucharita, i love you ❤️ i love your reviews.. whenever i am feeling down i watch your old reviews cos they make me laugh.. keep being YOU! I love your perspective and never stop saying ‘women telling women stories’ 🙏🏻 this is what distinguishes you from others.. never lose your originality and once again I LOVE YOU!

deepu6973 Sh says:

Plz have 2 videos this week. Thx

Subhan Amir says:

Her point being, women have been misrepresented in cinema for quite long and its refreshing to see women actually taking the responsibility themselves and breaking all the stereotypes.
Remember Sairat? It was a Dalit (the director) telling a story that had india's cast issue as a major plot point and thats why it was so convincing and we all lovedd it so much because in this movie nobody was stereotyped or misrepresented which Dhadak, based on the same film could not manage.
When a certain person belonging to a certain cast, sex, religion, ethnicity handles a story that revolves around it, he handles it with just the right amount of sensibility and thoughtfulness.

James Delaney says:

Film critic should talk about films negative or positive points without being biased !!

pratyush juyal says:

Mai to unsubscribe kar rha hu guys I think this bitch is crazy

Ravenclaw Boy says:

Great review as usual.

Pakhi Joshi says:

loved the video 😄😍😘

pratyush juyal says:

bitch please u used to be good but keep ur feminist views aside when ur reviewing movies

The BookThief says:

Great Review!!!

zoheb saikia says:

Why is SJW required to review..Did they do it good..did u like it..why why not…Please thats it

Pankaj Raghav says:

I am out of the review as soon as she said women telling women stories, come on yaar, its a hight of feminism, I have nothing against women, I totally respect all women, everyone should, but when you put your nose every time pushing that feminism things into it, that just unprofessional for me. How many times I have seen this on your channel. Do your job without being biased, women are equally important and I don't differentiate or I don't go to cinema for a women director or a male director I go in for the story and the appeal of it. It has nothing to do with women telling women story, never once I thought Raazi is good or bad because its directed by a women, I loved the movie because the "THE DIRECTOR" told a great story, Hope you got the message. But I know for the fact that nobody can change anyone, you can only influence them. I just want this channel to be fair irrespective of gender. Thanks its a great channel barring few things. God bless you, keep growing day by day.

Ameesha Kaushal says:

Knew the comments would be full of nonsense. Real world's patriarchy doesn't bother you but reviewers talking about women representation in the movies (which is nowhere proportional to the female population) is what spoils your day.

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