The Spy Who Dumped Me – Movie Review

The Spy Who Dumped Me – Movie Review

A comedy about 2 unsuspecting women who get wrapped up into a spy adventure. Here’s my review of THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME!




Alisson França says:

Mila Kunis deserves better

Antonio Ramirez says:

Im not gona lie i didnt see that verdict coming i thought it was gona be a “better time if you where drunk” well alright…

Prince Sid says:

Watch MI:Fallout instead

Stephen Malovski says:

Does anyone remembers Spies Like Us! That's is a very funny movie

kRaZy kArL says:

Just saw the movie! I honestly liked it! I do feel it was a bit too long though. But that's just me 🙂

Sara Samaletdin says:

A bit odd decision that this is coming out so close to Mission Impossible.

TheHunterWolf says:

Fav spy comedies!, hmmm .. I guess Johnny English movies, Get Smart and The Man from U.N.C.L.E are my favs.

Nuu-style강뮤지 says:

Day and night does that count it had some funny moments and good action scenes

The Gamemania says:

Great, I don't want Kev Adams to have a career in the USA. He already ruined 90% of french comedies and films, keep him away from anything

Carmelo Quijano says:

Central Intelligence was hilarious.

John Foley says:

The Spy who Dumped Me, more like The Spy Who Loved Himself… it’s a reference to Archer on the cover of the second season.

Imani S. H. says:

I cringed throughout most of this film, the jokes and characters felt so forced. It also felt boring at times because the plot is predictable, and because the jokes are forced, there’s nothing engaging.

luckyDancer100 says:

So many spy movies

Veronica Gonzalez says:

No Mamma Mia review???

Pinkiepool GamerBrony27 says:

the Austin Powers trilogy is much better spy comedy

Pinkiepool GamerBrony27 says:

to Quote Peter Griffin from Family Guy Shut UP Meg it's funny because Mila Kunis plays Meg Griffin

Patrick Freeman says:

I totally forgot all about Gotcha…until just now

Haggy says:

Bring on the "Anyone who doesn't like this movie is a feminist"

Ash Fuller says:

I had never heard of this movie then I saw the length of the video and I knew it was either dogshit or we'd forget about it in a couple of days

GDouble3K says:

I used to love his reviews but they seem so phones in now. They are so short and doesn’t delve into anything really.

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